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Welcome to Astrology Cafe – come have a cup of tea (or 2) and hear the energy forecast. This is an interactive Q & A session that is FREE (*donations accepted) and open to all experience levels!

Come and learn about what is happening in the sky and how it will affect you! The only LIVE astrology forecast in the Cincinnati area of its kind! Just like a weather report, learn the astrological ENERGY for the month, how the Full Moon will affect you and any big energies that will be coming your way. We look at charts, and for pre-registered folks, we usually pull up some charts and do mini-readings. See where the energy hits in your chart and what you can do to prepare for it! No experience required. Hosted in person at Enhancing Your World Holistic Center, 10751 Montgomery Road, and on Zoom. See link details below. Preregistration required for in person attendance, as we only have room for 6.

April starts out as a BUSY month but then slows down as we roll into Taurus season on the 19th. Do you have Taurus in your chart? See where the energy will impact you.

To join us at the In-Person Cafe, you can register here:, or just message Jennifer on social media and you can drop in!

You can also join us online on Zoom here:

My hope is that our Cafe will become an astrology community, a place where everyone can meet and talk about upcoming energies and learn more about how astrology works. Everything in our universe is made up of energy; wouldn’t it be cool if we knew how to use that energy better?

And coming up next, a workshop you won’t want to miss:

$228/ or 3 payments of $76

Learn how to read your natal chart! And then learn how to read other’s charts too…think it’s impossible and too hard? It’s not! I can teach you a simple step-by-step method that will have you reading charts in no time!

This is a 5 class series, which will be recorded, so if you miss one…no worries, I will send the recording to you (and actually the whole 5 part series) in a Dropbox folder so you can go back and watch the videos anytime!

Here’s a breakdown of what you will learn in this series:

Week 1: Finding Your Fate – Getting to Know the Zodiac and Elementals

Week 2: Your 10 Personal Planets

Week 3: The Secrets of Your Rising Sign

Week 4: The 12 Houses of Your Natal Chart

Week 5: Putting it All Together : Aspects and Relationships

Offering both online (Zoom) participation and a safe in-person experience. In-person will be limited to 6 participants for social distancing requirements.

Register at or message Jennifer on FB or IG for more details…

Jennifer Barrish, MA, is a certified astrologer, yoga teacher, and reiki healer. She believes that astrology should be affordable, accessible, and it is her passion to teach others to use their personal astrology to learn what cycles are coming so they can better navigate the tides of life.

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