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Learn how to read your natal chart! And then learn how to read other’s charts too…think it’s impossible and too hard? It’s not! I can teach you a simple step-by-step method that will have you reading charts in no time!

This is a 5 class series, which will be recorded, so if you miss one…no worries, I will send the recording to you (and actually the whole 5 part series) in a Dropbox folder so you can go back and watch the videos anytime!

Here’s a breakdown of what you will learn in this series:

Week 1: Finding Your Fate – Getting to Know the Zodiac and Elementals

Week 2: Your 10 Personal Planets

Week 3: The Secrets of Your Rising Sign

Week 4: The 12 Houses of Your Natal Chart

Week 5: Putting it All Together : Aspects and Relationships

Offering both online (Zoom) participation and a possible in-person experience.

Register at or message Jennifer on FB or IG for more details…

Jennifer Barrish, MA, is a certified astrologer, yoga teacher, and reiki healer. She believes that astrology should be affordable, accessible, and it is her passion to teach others to use their personal astrology to learn what cycles are coming so they can better navigate the tides of life.

August brings a new season of New Moon and Full Moon Yoga again with simple practices you can do to align yourself to the moon’s cycles. You can literally learn to manifest with the moon’s energy. You will feel lovely after a gentle yoga practice (suitable for all, even beginners) and then we’ll talk about the moon energy at hand and how to use it to help you create the best energetic shifts you can manifest! Get in rhythm with the moon’s cycles and use the energy to your advantage…

New Moon and Full Moon Yoga on Zoom will generally be on Friday evenings at 7:00pm . You can join me live, or when you register you will be sent the recording to practice whenever you wish. (And there is an in-person option if you’d prefer- in my basement studio in Loveland.) We’ll do a simple ceremony/meditation and I’ll share all the moon wisdom for your own personal practice. So it’s a little bit yoga, a little bit moon circle, a little bit astrology- but a whole lot of fun!

Add these dates to your calendar:

August 26 – New Moon in Virgo

September 9 – Full Moon In Pisces

September 24 – New Moon in Libra/Autumnal Equinox Circle (Saturday evening at 7:00)

October 7 – Full Moon in Aries

October 19 – New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (Wednesday evening at 7:00)

November 4 – Full Moon in Taurus

November 18 – New Moon in Sagittarius

New and Full Moon Yoga is $20 per class. Email me: to sign up!

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