Don’t you want to learn astrology this year? Join me for this 4-week series on Zoom. We break down the components of the natal chart into an EASY learning system where you WILL learn to read your own natal chart (and others too!) We cover the 12 zodiac signs in depth, the characteristics of the planets, the 12 Houses, the SECRETS of your rising sign, the aspects or “lines” in your chart, and how to make predictions! We start on September 23rd and then (4) Wednesday nights in a row, starting at 7pm and usually ending at 9pm. No worries if you can’t make it to class – I will record it and send it to you to watch at your own pace! No experience necessary, this training is suitable for all skill levels. You can email to register or message me on social media.

This is a monthly workshop that is FREE and open to all experience levels! It will be hosted ONLINE this month, LIVE on Zoom! We are using Zoom so I can pull up the charts and show you what the sky looks like, where the planets are, and the transits that are responsible for the energy that is coming our way! October is going to be a BUSY month so you won’t want to miss this Astrology Cafe!

You can join me here:

We will we talk about upcoming Astrology news, New and Full Moon cycles, and how the current planetary movements will affect you. Just like a weather report, you will want to know the energy report for October.

My hope is that our Cafe will become an astrology community, a place where everyone can meet and talk about upcoming energies and learn more about how astrology works. Everything in our universe is made up of energy; wouldn’t it be cool if we knew how to use that energy better? Astrology Cafe will generally occur on the last Thursday night of each month. Won’t you join us?

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