Energy Update for May 22, 2022

Hello Fellow Star-Seers! How did the Full Moon and Solar Eclipse of last weekend treat you…did you feel it? The energy was intense! It was emotional and involved cleaning out the “gunk” either physically, mentally, or in relationship. Been cleaning/clear much lately? For me it was literally cleaning and clearing garbage! I am helping toContinue reading “Energy Update for May 22, 2022”

Imagining Resiliency

Whew…What a week!  How are you doing?  Did you get stocked up on toilet paper and bleach wipes yet? 🙂  If not, don’t worry, the stores will restock soon, and you can get more next week. Really though, what in the heavens is going on?  We are all asking this question and feeling nervous, concerned,Continue reading “Imagining Resiliency”