Your Soul’s Purpose

Join Jen on Adventure to find Your Soul’s Purpose!

Join this workshop to discover what your natal chart says about your destiny. What are you here to do this life? Do you feel like you’re on the right track or do you wonder if there’s something more? Has this “global reset” got you to thinking what if there’s more you could be doing…should be doing…

You were born at this time and in this place for a reason. No matter your belief system, the universe had an intent for your birth! There are indicators in your birth chart that tell you what you’re here to do and the tools you have to help you get there. We’re going to find these and empower you to use them to your highest potential!

Find out if you are fulfilling your destiny! Learn your strengths and weaknesses and how you can utilize the natural gifts and talents you have to shine your brightest.

Register at http://www.seeingstarsastrology and be sure to send your birth data to Jen – This is going to be a phenomenal workshop! We hope to see you “raise your hand” to finding out what your role is in the dawning Age of Aquarius…

Astrology Forecast – June 2020

Jen’s Energy Predictions for June

Energy Report for Gemini Season (May 20-June 19)

Bring on the air of Gemini!  Did you feel the shift?  The cosmic energy has become more social, lighter, uplifting, and maybe even fun…? Coming out of grounded & practical Taurus season – it’s like flipping a switch- have you noticed how your social circles have become more active and everyone wants to talk and get together?  You also may find yourself reading more or thinking to take an online course this month.  Gemini energy will inspire you to learn something new or to look at something in a brand new way.

Gemini is an air sign, the epitome of communication, intellect, curiosity, thoughts and ideas.  The energy of the ultimate thinker, a busy mind will be the calling card for this month. Gemini is also the sign of the twins, playful, with many interests, and a love for learning and teaching others.  Geminis don’t miss anything – they are the keenest of observers and notice all that is happening wherever they go.

And we have a lot going on in our world right now. We can use this Gemini keen observer energy to watch, to understand, and to have compassion for others. With social injustice, protests, and still much sickness you may feel overwhelmed and helpless. What can you do? You can let the air element help you to be curious, to understand different perspectives, to learn all that you can, and to listen. You can look through the lense of compassion with your observer energy and love those around you who need it.

And then when it all gets to be too much (and I’m afraid it might) you can let this Air energy roll over you and help YOU to detach when you need to… imagine a warm breeze or floating on the clouds. Visualization of beautiful spaces can help an overwhelmed mind. Meditation and prayer are good ways to get your busy mind to stop for a few moments too. Give yourself permission to take a break. And when you need to it’s ok to call on your friends and talk it out, to reflect on your feelings and to communicate what you need.

This breezy or (maybe even) windy energy is what we have available to us over the next few weeks. Maybe you can use it to think through how to help others in these difficult times, or to distract yourself for a bit with your many interests. Take time for self care and know that the energy will change soon!

Big Planetary Events This Month:

  1. Venus Retrograde (May 13) – 40 days (affects your love and money)
  2. Mercury Retrograde (June 18- July 12)
  3. 2 BIG Eclipses!!! – June 5, June 20

Follow the Moon Cycles

Do you want someone to tell you what’s happening or do you want to feel it? The best way to feel the energy of our universe is to follow the moon cycles – which changes every 2.5 days. Use this guide below to predict what energy you will have available – but also to see if you notice it in your day to day routines and interactions!

May 29-30 Moon in Virgo – a good time to get outside, wander, do what feels free.  There is tension in the heavens with a T-square, the energy can be tense, but this formation releases in Sagittarius – so going for a hike, forest bathing, yard work, gardening, etc. can all be good activities during this time.

May 31- June 1 Moon in Libra – Double Air!  With both Gemini and Libra air signs, the energy is light, fun, and harmonious.  Find beauty or make your surroundings beautiful!

June 2-3 Moon in Scorpio – This can be dramatic energy, getting caught up in emotions, or can bring a spark to your relationship.  The sun is standing next to Venus adding charisma and charm to the mix and Mercury just entered Cancer…so all thoughts are on home, family, security, and snuggling…

June 4-6 Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius!

  1. During a full moon the sun and moon stand opposite in the sky – but they are complementary elements: Air and Fire.  So, lots of ideas and lots of energy!  Think of a bonfire – energetic!
  2. This full moon has a formation called a t-square, which is a tension point to Mars in Pisces.  For some this will create a feeling of anxiety, scattered-ness, and possible confusion.  The release point is in Virgo – so when you get organized, make a list, make a plan, or clean it up, you will feel better.
  3. We also have a Lunar Eclipse occurring during this full moon on June 5th.  Celestial energy exits, signifying a clearing or purification, a time for endings and letting go to make way for new beginnings.  This Eclipse is high powered and will bring something to light. We may learn something new about Coronavirus!  The bigger picture, world views, and global philosophies are in focus…

Things to do during a Full Moon:

  • Purify and re-energize your crystals & cards by leaving them out in the moonlight.
  • Make a wish, write it down, meditate- this is the BEST NIGHT to meditate!  New ideas may arise, and confusions become clear during this period.
  • What can you initiate this month?  With the full moon it is now time to set into motion that which you were thinking about during the new moon – two weeks ago.  The full moon cycle is always about finding a way forward and taking action.
  • Bathe in the moonlight for self-care, either in a bathtub or just by taking a walk at night where you can appreciate her beauty.  You can also make “moon water” by leaving a pitcher of water out in the moonlight.  Good for drinking and watering your houseplants for an extra little lift this month.

June 7-8 Moon in Capricorn – This is a good time to clean and get stuff done.  Capricorn moon is the most productive of all moon signs and when it comes around each month, you can be sure that your to-do list is going to get done!

June 9-10 Moon in Aquarius – Double-Air energy again – but this one has a quirky, intellectual flavor to it.  You might come up with a new idea or stand out in some way during this couple of days.  A super creative time, so let your weird shine!

June 11-13 Moon in Pisces – This moon is standing next to Neptune and Mars in Pisces.  With three planets there- the energy is dreamy and drifty – but also can be confusing, cloudy, and delusional.  Pay special attention to your dreams.  Psychic and intuitive energy is most powerful right now.

June 14-15 Moon in Aries– Just what we needed!  Some FIRE!  Energy!  Chi!  With Gemini air, this fire will feel bigger and you’ll get an energy boost!  Get outside, go play!  You’ve got to move energy during these few days…

June 16-18 Moon in Taurus – This moon is standing next to Uranus in the sky – making the energy a bit wild, electrical, maybe even some surprises!  Taurus moon will help to ground the energy though, so you can focus on practical matters.  Uranus also offers and intuitive influence – so pay attention to reoccurring thoughts and flashes of insight!

Mercury goes Retrograde June 18th!  Watch out for delays or miscommunications.  Get repairs to your car and back up your computer files before the 18th!  Avoid signing contracts during this time – or make sure you triple check any fine print or details.

June 19 New Moon in Gemini again for one day…and then Cancer

During a new moon the sun and moon stand together (conjunct) in the sky, it’s Double Air!  Lots of cerebral thinking and planning.  Time to go inside, to plan, to meditate on what you want next.

  • On the 20th the Sun Moves into Cancer, as does the Moon on the 21st – changing the flavor of this New Moon to Cancerian themes – home and hearth.  Cancer is in the Water Element and so the New Moon will be more emotional, quiet, reflective, and filled with trips down memory lane.
  • June 21-22 New Moon in Cancer – a focus on family and home.  Emotions may come up.  Memories and reflections on the past.  Think of the crab in her shell, contemplating the ways she can heal others and offer the energy of the “mother” to her flock.
  • This New Moon will be accompanied by a Solar Eclipse!  This Solar Eclipse will bring in new celestial energy, a “power surge” of sorts, always “bringing in” something.  May take a few weeks to feel this energy, or what the NEW thing is, but it is coming…

Things to do during a New Moon:

  • Time to set your intentions for the month ahead.  Great time to think about a new project.
    • Time for introspection- thinking on new beginnings and journaling.
    • Ask yourself- Are your needs being met?  The moon connects us to our emotional needs.
    • Sage smudging – clear the energy, clean the house!
    • Burn a candle to strengthen your intentions- spend time visualizing, praying, meditating about what you want to accomplish…

Saturday, June 20th at 5:44 p.m. is the welcoming of the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year! The Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer or the highest point in the sky.

June 23-24 Moon in Leo – Strive for balance during this moon.  Cancer wants to stay inside.  Leo wants to go out and play.  A little of both can please these two energies.  Spend time focused on family and those you love, tuning into to how the collective is feeling.

June 25-26 Moon in Virgo – These few days you will want to get organized, putting things in their place, making lists, mental notes.  Check in with your houseplants and see what needs transplanted or moved to a different spot.  Also, a great time to care for your animals – bathing, trimming, and clipping nails.  All your little loves will enjoy extra attention during this time!

And that’s our month friends. I hope you will use this guide to help you know what’s coming, to adjust, and ultimately to improve the quality of your days! Remember that you can look up each horoscope sign to see more about its characteristics and to learn more about the energy it will bring. Have a great month and I will see you again on Friday, June 26th at 7:00 p.m. with the energy forecast for July at Astrology Cafe on YouTube.

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Full Moon in Scorpio

The Sun is in Taurus this month – the earthy “builder” who makes things happen and can grow things.  Opposite in the sky beginning on Thursday morning at 10:45 a.m. is a Super Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign that feels deeply, loves deeply, and cares deeply. Scorpio hides behind its hard shell and sometimes crusty demeanor but this fixed sign has the power to transform and heal like no other.  Scorpio is a surgeon, good with his hands, and even though he can tear things apart – he will build it back into something much better than you ever imagined! Two builders together.  Recreating our new reality. Scorpio together with earthy Taurus- they can grow magic together.  Where do you need magic in your life right now?

What has fallen apart?  What needs rebuilt?  Recreated?  Let this healing moon energy wash over you like ocean waves and heal your life.  You don’t have to do anything, just let it happen.  Soak it all in and accept that the chips have fallen where they have.  Taurus demands that we go slow and methodically.  Scorpio insists that we absorb all the feelings about it.

This full moon is also in trine (positive aspect) with Neptune, the watery planet.  Double-Water Energy!  The watery Scorpio moon with Neptune brings us increased intuition, hyper-instincts, intense emotions that we may not want to face, empathy, extreme compassion, and super creativity.  This is a powerful moon.  You may feel emotional.  You may be sensitive through the end of the week.  Just let it be.  The healing is happening.  The acceptance is coming.  We cannot change what is happening in the world, we can only change our reaction to it.  Let this Scorpio Full Moon fix the parts of your psyche that are still trying to come to terms with how our world has changed in the past few months. You can find a new way forward. Neptune’s energy along with our “builders” (Taurus & Scorpio) will show you the way.

Both Scorpio and Taurus are sensualists.  Think of all things yummy that you can experience with the senses – a snuggly blanket, fresh-baked cookies, a vanilla candle, or tending to your flower garden.  Do more of that during this Full Moon.  Take care of your senses.  Work with your hands. Lean into all things sensual and satisfying.  Only you know how to feed your soul.  This Full Moon demands it.  And in the process, this Scorpio moon gives you the power to heal and rejuvenate.

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Astrology Café – May 2020

Taurus Season (April 19 – May 19)

Welcome to some calming Earth energy.  Finally…and just what the Dr. ordered! Taurus the Bull is the earthiest of signs, very grounded, stable, solid, and grounded. Like a rock, Taurus holds everything together, keeps the routine, and holds us together too. This is the time where we will finally find some footing with everything that has happened. Things will start to slow down this month, make some sense, and you will start to find your way through the muck. Taurus is all about facing reality, being practical, and finding a routine and even-keeled pace as we establish a new “normal”.

We are in Earth and Air signs for most of the month of May. There is little fire in the heavens. Earth signs signify grounded-ness and air signs signify new ideas and open communication.

First we start with the big planetary players this month and then a detailed description of how it will affect you as the moon moves and changes signs every 2 1/2 days. This is good information to add to your calendar – and you CAN print this and put it on the fridge as your guide to noticing the energy. See how it makes you feel. See if you can notice some of these shifts. Be more in tune with our energy this month.

Big Planetary Events This Month:

  1. Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus
  2. Mars moves into Pisces
  3. Retrograde Season begins
    1. Pluto for 5 months (power, reconstruction, rejuvenation)
    1. Saturn for 6 months (restrictions, boundaries, the brakes)
    1. Venus (May 13) – 40 days (love and money)
    1. Jupiter (May 14) – 4 months (optimism, spirituality, and big picture beliefs about self)
  4. Mercury is moving fast through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer – the flavor of our thoughts will change rapidly over the next month

Moon Cycles for May:

April 22-24 New Moon in Taurus – grounded, sensual, indulgent energy; 6 planets in earth, more practical, things move a little slower, steady energy.

April 25-26 Moon in Gemini – Energy shifts, things lighten up, opportunity to have some fun – Venus is also in Gemini so this will feel good, notice an appetite for information, facts, and figures.

Sun conjunct Uranus – this brings electric, lightning-like energy to Taurus, disrupts our routines, makes changes that we have never thought of before, maybe some ways of doing things differently

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – A 5-month review of things that have come to light in the past few months. Watch out for tendencies to mask/deny/minimize things that you know are true.

April 27-29 Moon in Cancer –calm, gentle energy, earth and water signs like each other and grow things together. You may find yourself being more compassionate toward your family or pets and wanting to grow things, maybe literally as spring planting season is here! A good time to make yummy foods and treat your family.

Mercury is also moving into Taurus – so how we think, and our mental prowess becomes focused on practical matters for the next 3 weeks.

April 30– May 1 Moon in Leo – Fire!Time for fun, being loud, and dressing up! There is also a T-Square in the heavens during this time causing a little tension (especially for the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) that releases in Scorpio- so we use all things Scorpi-onic to create our fun. Think deep conversations, investigations, puzzles, mysteries, intrigue. Also, a very sensual energy with Taurus and Scorpio together – wonderful date night, relationship energy.

May 2-3 Moon in Virgo – in a trine to Taurus, these are positive, get stuff done days! Cleaning, organizing, decluttering, making lists and plans for how you will roll out new social distancing standards for yourself and your family. Paying attention to the little details will really pay off.

May 4-5 Moon in Libra – a creative time where new ideas and new ways to negotiate stalled plans with others may move forward. Also, may inspire creative pursuits – What project have you been putting off?

May 6-7- Full Moon in Scorpio

  1. These two are opposite of each other in the sky – but they are complementary elements: Earth and Water- think back to the first of the month which gave us a taste of it with the Square. These are two sensual signs that delight in all the smells, tastes, and touches – a yummy energy for couples.
  2. This is a dramatic, big energy full moon – intense energy, you will feel it! With two fixed signs they will dance between who is in charge, but ultimately the energy will help us to grow and reenergize.
  3. Be careful of temptation, over-indulgence. Also avoid risks during this full moon. What you think is the truth may not be true at all.

Things to do during a Full Moon:

  • Purify and re-energize your crystals/cards by leaving them out in the moonlight.
  • Make a wish, write it down, meditate on it- this is simply the BEST NIGHT to meditate! New ideas may arise, and confusions become clear during this period.
  • What can you initiate this month? With the full moon it is now time to set into motion that which you were thinking about during the new moon – two weeks ago. The full moon cycle is always about finding a way forward and taking action.
  • Bathe in the moonlight for self-care, either in a bathtub or just by taking a walk at night where you can appreciate her beauty. You can also make “moon water” by leaving a pitcher of water out in the moonlight. Good for drinking and watering your houseplants for an extra little lift this month.

May 8-9 Moon in Sagittarius – FIRE is here! We still have 5 planets in Earth – but we can use this fire for an extra little lift to get up and moving. Sagittarius can make things louder and more direct. What do you need to say? Here’s your chance.

May 10-11 Moon in Capricorn – 7 planets in Earth with the Moon in Capricorn…things are slowing down, but you can put the energy to work. Capricorn moon is the most productive, and get things done energy all month!

Saturn goes into Retrograde – imagine giving yourself your own personal evaluation or performance review (like at work). Do you get a raise or a demotion for your work ethic, responsibility, diligence? Saturn’s energy will make you rethink your actions and get yourself in check. This goes on until September 29th.

Mercury enters Gemini- Communication opens up and an easy flow of thoughts- prime time for negotiations!

May 12-14 Moon in Aquarius – 4 planets in air signs – a time for out of the box thinking, going against the grain, and doing it your way, and standing out in some way.

Mars enters Pisces – like stormy weather, Mars is uncomfortable here, and is confused. You may not know how to move forward for the next month. Lots of rerouting, frustration, and possible passive-aggressive behavior.

Venus Retrograde begins – For 40 days the planet of love and money takes a rest. Don’t commit to either.

Jupiter Retrograde begins – 4 months of soul searching about your talents/skills/desires and how to align them with your personal truth. What do you want out of your life?

May 15-16 Moon in Pisces – This moon is conjunct Neptune and Mars who are also in Pisces. You may see hidden issues coming to light. Overall this is a dreamy, softer, drifting kind of energy. Don’t be afraid to drift for a few days. Letting go may just be the medicine you need.

May 17-19 Moon in Aries– FIRE! Get Up! This moon will give you an energy boost, maybe a little conflictive – Aries is fast, Taurus is slow, but good working energy. Go on a run, be active!

The sun is also trining Jupiter – making this one of the luckiest set of days of the year – brings optimism, increases your chances and opens possibilities.

May 20th – The SUN moves into Gemini – an air sign. Highlighting communication, negotiation, exchanging of ideals and stimulating to your mind.

May 20-21 Moon in Taurus – grounding energy that focuses on practical matters and the mundane. Can help to bring the Gemini energy down to earth and thinking about things that are right in front of you – day to day routines.

May 22-24 New Moon in Gemini

The sun and moon stand together (conjunct), think Double Air! Lots of cerebral thinking and planning. Time to go inside and look at your goals for the rest of the year. What do you want 2021 to look like?

Things to do during a New Moon:

  • Time to set your intentions for the month ahead! Great time to think about a new project!
    • Time for introspection- thinking on new beginnings and journaling.
    • Ask yourself- Are your needs being met? The moon connects us to our emotional needs.
    • Sage smudging – clear the energy, clean the house!
    • Burn a candle to strengthen your intentions- spend time visualizing, praying, meditating about what you want to accomplish…

May 25-26 Moon in Cancer – a focus on family and home. Emotions may come up. Memories and reflections on the past. Just ride this energy through – it will change in 2.5 days…

May 27-28 Moon in Leo – Air & Fire = big energy! A fun and energetic time. Get up, show up, go out, dance, sing, and be sure to play!

Upcoming Events:

Friday, May 15th at 7:00pm: Mid-Month Astrology with Jennifer

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Astrology Cafe – Live on ZOOM!

I hope you will join me for Astrology Cafe this month. This is a FREE event where you will learn astrology and how the sun, moon, and planets affect you! Learn the energy we have available to us for the month of May. We will go live, this Friday – April 24th at 7:00 p.m.

This month we are using the Zoom format so I can show you some of the really cool charts of where the planets currently are in the sky. We are in Taurus season and Taurus is getting ready to move up really close to the planet Uranus. What does this mean you ask? I am going to show you. And you will learn how to make this energy work for you.

Taurus is conservative and grounded, giving us the slow and steady progress we need to be productive. Uranus is coming to shake things up! Bringing lightning-fast change, disruption, and new ways to think about routine, structure, and order – Uranus energy is freedom-seeking and wants originality!

Come and take a walk through the stars with me… learn about the New Moon and Full Moon energy, and all the big planetary players that will be influencing you in the coming month.

I will be doing a couple of mini natal chart readings at the end of Cafe – if you would like to be considered, send me your birthdate, birth time, and birth city to

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Details to join Jennifer for Astrology Cafe below:

Topic: Astrology Cafe with Jennifer Barrish – Energy for May!
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Astrology Cafe: Energy for April

Red tulips from the Netherlands

Live from YouTube: Friday, March 27, 2020

Aries Season (March 19-April 18)

Welcome to Fire! Aries is the warrior, the independent one, self -reliant, the initiator, gets stuff done, driven, willing to take risks, a bit of a daredevil, confrontative, direct, forward, pioneering the way, great energy! Mantra is “I am.”

We are in Earth and Water signs for most of the month (it might feel like you’re stuck in mud) but the energy gets lighter by the end of the month, and feels more calm and grounded

Big Planetary Events This Month:

  1. Saturn & Mars conjunct (week of 3/30)– the “gas” hits the “wall”- the structure or foundation, something has to give, a breaking point – conflictive energy, exhaustion, frustration, may want to wait it out, energy demands we face the truth, take responsibility.
  2. Saturn shifts into Aquarius (3/21 – 6/16) This is important! The planet of rules/structures/boundaries shifts its focus on our old-school and traditional boundaries to modern and future-forward ways of doing things. Will shake things up a bit and give Saturn a lighter quality as he applies the brakes.
  3. Jupiter & Pluto conjunct (4/4). 1st of 3x they meet this year – again on June 30, Nov 12 in Sagittarius. This energy can go one of 2 ways – expansion meets destruction OR opportunities/good luck meet transformation…let’s hope for the second option.

March 27-28 Moon in Taurus – grounded, sensual, indulgent energy; 6 planets in earth, more practical, things move a little slower, steady energy.

March 29-30 Moon in Gemini – Fiery weekend, lighter energy, lots of it! Great time to communicate.

March 31- April 1 Moon in Cancer –this is when Mars & Saturn go conjunct, blocking progress, limiting, putting a hold on things. Cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Libra, Capricorn) may feel extra edgy as the Sun and Moon are squaring each other.

Mars is moving into Aquarius – giving a radical flavor to how we assert ourselves, will be there for next few weeks.

April 2-4 Moon in Leo – A good time for deep conversations – Venus moves into Gemini – giving a talkative flavor to how we love others. There is also a T-Square in the heavens during this time causing a little tension, that releases in Scorpio- creating a delicious, sensual energy for relationships. So don’t be afraid of intensity or having those deep dark convos with others.

April 5-6 Moon in Virgo – a dreamy day, but a great day to get things done, make lists, make a plan Moon is opposite Neptune creating a daydreamy type of energy. Good day for meditation, pay attention to your dreams!

April 7-8 – Full Moon in Libra (actually begins Monday evening at 5:16pm)

  1. These two stand opposite each other in the sky – but because they are complementary elements – Fire & Air- they create a really compatible, reciprocal energy. They make everything bigger, louder, more fun!
  2. Beautiful relationship energy – balancing the self with partnership, how can we get along, how do we be partners. Libra loves balance, beauty and harmony – this is not a tense full moon but one filled with communicating with those we love.
  3. Also a Grand Trine in Air that assists communication efforts- it makes a triangle in the sky between the moon in Libra, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aquarius – get a star finder app on your phone and go outside and see if you can see the triangle!

Things to do during a Full Moon:

  • Charge your crystals/cards to cleanse/purify them.
  • Make a wish, write it down, meditate over it- THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT to meditate!
  • What can you initiate this month? With the full moon it is now time to set into motion that which you were thinking about during the new moon. And Virgo can help you make to-do lists and check them off like crazy!!!
  • Bathe in the moonlight for self-care, either in a bathtub or just by taking a walk at night where you can appreciate her beauty.

BEWARE On April 7th – Mars Squares Uranus – can be a stressful day, accidents, confrontation, unplanned endings…

April 8-10 Moon in Scorpio – A more intense, deeper tone and thought process these two days. A T-square (t-shaped formation in the sky) causing tension, moodiness, emotional time; releases in Leo, so act like a Leo! Time to get physical, turn on the music, dance, have some kind of active fun to release tension.

April 11-12 Moon in Sagittarius – FIRE is here! Double Fire! Get up! WOO!!! Also Mercury moves to Aries on the 11th making communication a little more up front, in your face, confrontational – less emotional. During this weekend use the fire to go and have some fun!

April 13-14 Moon in Capricorn – More tension if not active; the Sun is squaring Pluto causing power struggles – Cardinal signs may feel this more – Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer – this irritant can make you productive if you’re one who anger cleans or organizes -so put the energy to work! Capricorn moon is the best work, and get shit done energy all month!

April 15-16 Moon in Aquarius – An air sign that plays well with fire, very detached energy, a time for out of the box thinking, going against the grain, and doing it your way. We won’t care about the tension anymore, a crazy free kind of time with Sun conjunct Uranus – may feel the need for freedom, standing out in some way, and you won’t care.

March 17-19 Moon in Pisces – This moon is conjunct Neptune, a soft, dreamy, whimsical weekend, pay attention to dreams, mediations, downloads, ideas coming out in a burst!

Sunday, April 19Sun Moves to Taurus at 10:45am – Energy calms WAY down, powerful, grounded energy, holding things together, sensual but like a rock. What we have been waiting for! This will slow down all the planetary energies for the next month!!!

April 20-21 Moon in Aries– This moon will give you an energy boost, maybe a little conflictive – Aries is fast, Taurus is slow, but good working energy. Go on a run, be active!

April 22 at 10:26pm – April 24 – New Moon in Taurus

The sun and moon stand together (conjunct), think Double Earth! They are holding hands. Very grounded, centered, steady, practical energy. Like a turtle, time to go inside, say a prayer, slow down…

Things to do during a New Moon:

  • Time to set your intentions for the month ahead! Great time to think about a new project!
    • Time for introspection- thinking on new beginnings and journaling.
    • Ask yourself- Are your needs being met? The moon connects us to our emotional needs.
    • Sage smudging – clear the energy, clean the house!
    • Burn a candle to strengthen your intentions- spend time visualizing, praying, meditating about what you want to accomplish…

Friday, April 24th at 7:00pm is the next ASTROLOGY CAFÉ!  Mark your calendar – we will talk about the energy in May and what the sky holds for us energy wise. Come and “see stars” with me!

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Join us on YouTube this Friday, March 27th at 7:00 p.m.  I will be LIVE on my YouTube channel – Seeing Stars Astrology.  We have big energy in the heavens right now – hear about how it’s fueling the Coronavirus and when we can expect it to subside… This is going to be a really important Cafe for planning your year! I hope you can make it!

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Imagining Resiliency

Whew…What a week!  How are you doing?  Did you get stocked up on toilet paper and bleach wipes yet? 🙂  If not, don’t worry, the stores will restock soon, and you can get more next week. Really though, what in the heavens is going on?  We are all asking this question and feeling nervous, concerned, scared even. I want to explain a few things that may help you understand the energy and what we can expect. When you know what is coming – you can prepare, right?

Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Astrologically speaking, this goes back to the rare Saturn and Pluto conjunction that occurred on January 12, 2020.  This was when Saturn and Pluto literally stood beside each other in the sky for a few weeks.  When these two planets meet, (every 30 years or so) their energy brings destruction and restriction.  This time it happened in the sign of Capricorn which signified that destruction, restriction, and even reconstruction would happen to our society, government, businesses, and large ruling bodies. The last time this energy happened in Capricorn was in the early 1500’s during the Renaissance period.  We didn’t know how it would come, but astrologers knew the energy was coming.  Have you seen enough examples of this in our world today to conclude that the energy is real?  Our society and way of life is being overhauled now, big time!

SATURNthe planet of life lessons, discipline, boundaries, rules, structures, the “gatekeeper”, the “breaks”, “hitting the wall”

Saturn symbolizes government, authority figures, bosses, large organizations, large groups, and societies.

PLUTO:  the planet of transformation, life and death, power, destruction, creation, intensity, focus, drive, passion, persistence, power, influence, (also epidemics and pandemics)

Pluto forces change, adaptation, renewal, rebirth, and makes us hardy, resilient, and willing to change.

When these two serious and hard planets align: hard times are coming.  Restriction and limitations force us to make changes to areas of our life that no longer serve us.  A letting go, if not by free will, then by force.  A stripping away of things we don’t need.  The result helps us to build new foundations that will serve us into the future. This conjunction requires patience, determination, and a “go with the flow” attitude.  

Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction

Saturn and Pluto aren’t the whole story though.  We have four big planets moving together right now in Capricorn and coming “conjunct” or standing beside each other in the sky and blending their energies.  This isn’t over…but it’s not all bad.  Saturn and Pluto were the first, being the harbingers of the destruction, aka Coronavirus (and the future trickling down of unknown transformations into our economy, stock market, jobs, schools, social gatherings, etc.).

So next we have Jupiter’s energy getting involved as Jupiter and Pluto come together.

JUPITER: the planet of expansion, exuberance, good luck, opportunities, growth, abundance, and answered blessings. It can bring positive changes, good news, second chances, alleviations, and new beginnings.

  • Think “SANTA CLAUS”.
  • It can also bring increase, overexpansion, overconfidence, and indulgence into the mix.

On March 9th Jupiter came up next to Pluto and has been standing beside Pluto, getting closer and closer every day – beginning to blend energies.  These two will be right next to each other on April 4th and will remain in the same neighborhood of the sky all year long through November.  They come to hold hands in the same degree in the sky on April 4th, June 30th, and November 12th of this year.

These two planets bring the energies of expansion and destruction together.  So could the outbreak get worse.  Yes, it can AND it probably will.  Jupiter energy will intensify and expand what Pluto is doing.  However, Jupiter also brings good luck, gifts and opportunity.  Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn and that will make us change the way we take risks and move forward. (Aren’t we already doing this…?)  We will be a little more hesitant, making more measured and informed decisions.  Capricorn energy is more controlled, being an earth sign it is conservative, hard-working, goal-oriented, and wants to play it safe- taking the steady path to success, rather than shortcuts.  Capricorn instills a more focused work ethic in all of us, with a healthy dose of realism and practicality.  Jupiter is here to help us expand, and in Capricorn it will help us to build solid foundations and structures that will support us for many years to come.  We are going to learn how to play by the new rules, i.e. “social distancing”.  And Jupiter will continue to bring opportunities and growth in all sectors of life outside of Pluto’s domain.  We will find good things coming out of this transformation.

Mars Sweeps Across Jupiter, Pluto, & Saturn

Over the next few weeks we have one more player in the energy game that will be fueling the Coronavirus panic.  Mars!  Mars is moving fast and is sweeping across Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn from March 15th (today) through the next three weeks.  This WILL intensify things, but only short term.  They’re all grouped together in the same place in the sky, so when a faster moving planet comes to town, everybody dances together.  Mars will blend with the energies of each of the three.  First Jupiter’s expansiveness, Pluto’s destructiveness, and then Saturn’s restrictiveness.

MARS: strength, energy, initiative, drive, taking action, assertiveness, hitting the “gas”, confidence, charisma, anger, fighting spirit

Mars will make the energy feel accelerated.  We will see an increase in Coronavirus outbreaks. It is already predicted by the scientists too. Mars will also make us feel aggressive, angry, outraged, and wanting to do something.  Hang in there, it will be a volatile time both internally and externally over the next few weeks.  Mars does meet with Saturn at the end of March and Saturn will help to slow things down, thank goodness!  Saturn hits the “breaks” in the car, remember? These breaks will also help to slow down and “flatten the curve” of the pandemic in the next few months.

So right now, it is a good time to be productive, but at HOME. You know you have things you’ve been meaning to do – reorganizing the pantry or garage, rearrange the furniture, cleaning, yard work, planting a garden, switching out winter and summer clothes, etc. Mars energy will make us feel like we need to do something and the more physical outlets we find – the better we will all feel.  Even starting a new fitness routine – commit to going out on a long walk every day or lifting weights. Nature will make us feel better too.  With the improving weather, get outside!  Go to the park, go fishing, go hiking.  We can still go outside. 

Jupiter has the final say…

Don’t worry though, because ultimately, Jupiter’s energy will help us to recover from whatever destruction Saturn and Pluto have wrecked on our planet.  We are going to be ok!  We will find a new way to do things.  These planets are all moving toward the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is all about humanity, eccentricity, technology, genius and invention.  Aquarius energy will help us to create what we need to keep doing the things we do. Jupiter expands and increases this Aquarian energy, helping us to find opportunities and increase.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21.  Jupiter moves into Aquarius on December 19.  Pluto finally moves into Aquarius in 2024.  And they don’t come together again in this way for many, many years.

In the next few months you will start to see more outdoor gatherings for things we normally do inside.  There will be more online/video conferencing/online learning happening so we can participate and socialize virtually while staying safe.  You will start to see events that were inside – starting to be hosted outside where we can spread out.  Look for group events that will start to popup outdoors as we learn this new way of gathering while also distancing.  Yoga at the park.  Outdoor music.  Outdoor gyms.  Outdoor markets.  

The rules are changing.  We are changing.  We must adapt and become resilient.  We may be in for a tough year (or few years if I’m being honest) but what if…with Jupiter’s positive energy…we are able to come to something more beautiful than we could ever imagine?  Aquarius energy brings the truth, friendship, social activism, humanitarianism, caring, and compassion in a new and inventive way.  It is up to all of us to become our own genius.  We will grow in a positive direction.  Jupiter says so.  And Aquarius says that it will be in a new futuristic way that we are only now starting to imagine…Can you imagine while looking through the lense of resiliency? We just might save the world with this new energy coming down the road. More about that in future posts…

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Do you see 20/20?

An Astrology Cafe energy guide for January. Can you feel it?

Happy New Year Astrology Friends!

We didn’t have Astrology Café at Elemental Om in December, so I wanted to send out some news for January. For those of you that have never been to Astrology Café- this is an awesome time to hear (in person!) and get to talk and ask questions about the planetary movements, see where they are in the sky, and learn about the energy we’ll have available to us for the next month. Our next Café is on Friday, January 31st, at 7:00pm at Elemental Om in Mason. 

The sun has been in Capricorn since December 21 (which was also the winter solstice). Capricorn is in the element of earth; it is a grounded sign. These people (and the energy) are practical, responsible, realistic, and solid. Capricorn is also the most ambitious of the signs – think CEOs, business leaders, managers, and bosses. Capricorns are the initiators, have high standards and have the capacity to really get things done. And this month you do too! Did you see how you pulled everything together at the last minute to make Christmas extra special this year? You can thank this grounded energy. We currently have 6 of the 10 planets in earth! So far, I not only tackled Christmas, but also the putting away of all the decorations, cleaning, filing, checking off my to-do lists, making plans for next year, making appointments, etc. Just like a boss! What about you? How has this energy been manifesting in your life? Do you feel more grounded, more focused than usual?

We will have this earth energy all month until January 20 to help us make things happen! 

I do like to follow the cycles of the moon too– as the moon signifies your emotional body and these are transits you can really feel! Looking at how the sun sign and the moon sign movements interact with each other; you can get a really good indicator of the energy available to us. And when you know what you’ve got to work with in the heavens, then you are golden! You will know when it’s a good day to move forward, or to hang back, to indulge or to create boundaries, etc.

Here are some important dates to remember for January. My recommendation is that you print this and put it on your refrigerator and then look back and think how things manifested for you in your own life over the month. When you see how the movement of the planets play out for you specifically, then you won’t question whether or not astrology is “real”. Of course it is! If the pull of the moon can affect change on our powerful ocean tides, then it can certainly affect us! Some signs feel things more strongly than others, that is true. Some transits affect some signs and then others not so much. You just have to pay attention…

So here we go, through the month of January:

Dec 31-Jan 1 Moon in Pisces

Use the Capricorn earth energy to “root” into your intentions for 2020. Pisces is a softer, quieter energy that compliments Capricorn and can really allow you to dream, reflect, and see where you want to go in the new year. It’s also a water sign and when you put a water and earth sign together, they can grow things! Use these couple of days to think about the future.

Jan 2-3 Moon in Aries

Both the Cap sun and the Aries moon are cardinal energies, looking to initiate and kick off projects. This energy can go one of two ways. These two are squaring in the heavens and so they can be conflictive energies – like a struggle between taking action quickly and impulsively or to hold off to wait for the right time to make a calculated move. Regardless of which energy gets to be the boss (and they both like to be!), this is a good time to get started! Don’t just talk about your plans, use the energy to do something about it!

Jan 5-6 Moon in Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign like Capricorn, making a total of 7 planets in earth signs! We only see cycles like this, with this many signs in earth about every 30 years! It may keep you grounded and practical, or it may be a little heavy – think being stuck in the mud. One thing is for sure though, you can focus this energy to be more deliberate, a little more patient and to make sure you follow through on those few to-do items that you have been putting off. Taurus energy is also sensual- enjoying things with all the senses- so have some good food, put the comfy sheets on the bed, light a candle, and snuggle up in front of the fireplace during this time.

Jan 7-8 Moon in Gemini

Gemini, an air sign, is bringing some lighter, more childlike, playful energy into the mix. This is good time to write, journal, and communicate. The sun is also sextile Neptune (a good placement) bringing creativity and intuition. You may be a little more sensitive during this time. Fantasies, idealistic thoughts, and vivid dreams are common.

Jan 9-10 Full Moon in Cancer (The Wolf Moon)

Five planets are in Capricorn at this time, making the energy: driven, focused, goal oriented, and unemotional. During the full moon though – the sun and moon are opposite in the sky and the energy is polarized. Any full moon exacerbates the energy and this full moon is telling us that we need to slow down, to keep our feelings and our family in focus as we move forward. This is one of the most powerful and yet sweetest moons of the year.  This full moon comes with a lunar eclipse to pack an extra punch of energy. Cancer is the embodiment of the sacred feminine, think Great Mother, and brings underlying themes of home, tribe, belonging, roots, and the unspoken emotional connections to the people in our life. It is a reminder for self-care, boundaries and to reflect on whether we are leading/caring for our own (wolf) pack in the right ways…

Jan 11-12 Moon in Leo

This was the sun/moon combination of Muhammad Ali. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…a super strong ego with strength, assuredness, confidence, and motivation. Leo is a fire sign, bringing extra chi and energy to us this weekend. This is a time to be active, get motivated, have fun, turn up the volume, and party!

Jan 13-14 Moon in Virgo

With this movement of the moon we have a “Grand Trine” in earth. This is when 3 planets are all in the same element, each separated by 120 degrees, making a “triangle” of earth in the sky. Grand Trines bring us really good, stable and productive energy. It is a good time for cleaning, making lists, arts & crafts, and doing detail-oriented work. You may also feel more connected to your pets or indoor plants at this time. Venus is just entering Pisces too, giving us a soft, fluid, creative energy. A good time for working with our hands.

Jan 15-16 Moon in Libra

Libra is squaring Cap during the next couple of days, creating tension, and maybe some discomfort. It may present as irritation, frustration OR it can go the other way to become motivation to start something you may have otherwise waited on. Libra is super creative, and brings beauty, balance, and an open mind to the table. So, you can choose how you want to use the conflicting energy these two days…

Jan 17-19 Moon in Scorpio

This moon movement is a little heavier- bringing intensity, focus, and determination. We have a configuration called a “T-Square” in the heavens creating some tension over these few days. The release point of this T- square is in Leo, asking us to lighten up, have some fun, and to release our inner child through “play” for a bit. If we do this, we can combat any frustration we may feel.

On January 20 the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, and it is here to lighten things up for sure! 

Aquarian energy is: 

  • Humanistic
  • Revolutionary
  • Eccentric
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly

Think scientists, inventors, humanitarians…

Jan 20-21 Moon in Sagittarius

Sag is a fire sign, and with Aquarius in air – these two energies are like a blazing bonfire, they get along great! The energy will be optimistic, expansive, and full of juice! A good time to travel, to learn something new, and to get physical!

Jan 22-23 Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn comes along to dampen the party a bit. These few days are more grounded, work and goal focused. Aquarius brings good ideas and thoughts and Cap can initiate it, so all and all these are the days to get stuff done! Notice when the moon enters Capricorn every month, you may see that everyone becomes a little more productive than usual. Managers and bosses who follow astrology swear by the Capricorn moon energy!

Jan 24-26 New Moon in Aquarius

During a new moon, both the sun and the moon are holding hands in the same sign. They stand side by side in the sky, and it is a dark sky, no moon is visible. A new moon is a time to go internal, to go deep, to think about what you want over the next month, or next year. With Aquarius bringing strong thought processes, it is a good time to think and make plans for 2020. If you haven’t made your vision board yet, it is the time for future pacing!

Jan 27-28 Moon in Pisces

The moon has moved into Pisces again (like the beginning of the month) and so we have a softer, quieter type of energy to go along with the Aquarian thinker/inventor. Pisces is a water sign and so can fluidly wrap around the rebel energy, helping it to soften and also bringing more creativity and intuition into the mix. This is inventive energy! Maybe you can dream up a new process or way of doing something that makes life a little bit easier for you these few days…

Jan 29-30 Moon in Aries

Fire and air are so compatible! When the moon is in Aries, see if you don’t feel the need to be more physical? If you are frustrated during this time – get outside, go for a walk or a run, just do something active! Aries calls for movement, and Aquarius is social and all about the group setting – so this is a great time to start a group activity – think yoga, jazzercise, group walking, etc. You can’t sit still during an Aries moon!

And that’s it for January. I would love to hear how the energies affect you! You can find me at  or at I do blogs monthly so be sure to visit and sign up for the astrology blog posts. 

I also do natal chart readings and 2020 Forecast Readings. I would love to go over your natal chart and current planetary transits with you. Please visit my website or FB page for more details. And…

Astrology Café will meet again on Friday, January 31 at Elemental Om Mason, 7:00pm. Come and talk astrology with me!

Love & Light,


January 11-12: Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

Taurus Full Moon in Scorpio

Did you get a chance to look at the sky last night? The moon is so big and beautiful and just shy of being completely full! Monday, November 11th is best viewing night to see the full moon- but it will officially be full at 8:34am on Tuesday morning. The energy will continue to build until then.

This moon is known as the Full Beaver Moon- due to this being the time of year when the beaver are most active in preparation for winter. It was also when Native American Indians would hunt beaver for their fur. So if you were hunter- these bright nights were the best nights for hunting.

The full moon energy this month is very powerful! We are in Scorpio season, and that means the energy for the past few weeks has had an edginess too it it, causing us to look more intently, to go deeper, and to really consider what is working in our lives and what is not. Scorpio energy has an intensity that is palpable.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning that of all the water signs it is the one that is the leader, and has the strength and follow through to see things to completion. The fixed sign stands it’s ground and can be stubborn when necessary to get the job done. Scorpio carries an intensity and focus that is unmatched! You can feel it. When a Scorpio sets their sights on a mate- look out! Their sexual energy, charm, and universal appeal make them a force to be reckoned with!

This full moon is in the sign of Taurus- which is also the fixed sign among the earth signs. Taurus is the bull- leading the herd, standing strong, and holding everything together. Like a rock, Taurus holds space and only moves in a slow and measured way. Taurus is also the sensualist- loving to be snuggled up in front of the fireplace with a warm drink and tasty food with their sweetie. Taurus likes the comforts of home and loves to explore sensual pleasures- good smells, tastes, and touch. The Taurus’s home is their castle.

Water (Scorpio) and Earth (Taurus) are very compatible. When you put them together they grow things…and that is what these two are doing this month. They give us the powerful boost we need to see what we need to do, and to hold steady until we can get it done. You can depend on their strength this month.

Scorpio is complex and Taurus likes to keep things simple. The moon embodies our emotional state and so this full moon is telling us that even though our goals may seem complex or hard to reach- it’s really simple…slow and steady work will win the race! All this fixed energy will allow us to stay on task and really make progress toward our goals, whether they are physical to-do list items or more internal feelings about where we want to go. Taurus and Scorpio can make it happen! And Taurus tells us that we can take it slow as long as we keep moving. Scorpio has the focus to see it through!

And on a more personal level, the charmer and the sensualist can make for a steamy few days if you are part of a couple or in a relationship. This is definitely a time to reconnect with your sweetheart!

During this full moon (and all full moons) it is the planetary time to manifest any intentions or plans that we have brewing. Two weeks ago was the new moon- the time to set intentions. And during the full moon we can act on those intentions with positive results! Full moons bring waves of manifesting energy so you may feel as though you just have to do something. It may be an unsettled feeling or a slight irritation to act. Don’t be afraid of this, in fact you should lean into this feeling.

Taurus and Scorpio together are saying to just go for it! You can’t go wrong when two fixed signs in compatible elements have your back! This is a powerful time for results and success. The full moon energy this month says you CAN make your dreams a reality! The universe says so. Just go for it! 😊

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