Crazy Full Moon – December 2022

Feeling a little crazy? Yesterday was a buster. My phone was off the hook yesterday! How about yours?

The point is – it’s a full moon today- tonight at 11:09pm EST to be exact – but you gonna be feeling this ALL DAY LONG!

Watch out for crazy emotional swings! This one comes packed with a punch. It is angry moon. People will want to fight. Argue. Instigate. Irritate. Side-step all that jazz if you can.

Now what can you do?

Here’s how you can use the energy. It can go two ways. On the high side it will bring things into focus for you, you will see clearly from what was once vague, and you will make a plan to move forward. Getting organized, taking notes, completing forms, and all communications become front and center.

On the low side the full moon can bring anger, frustration, challenges, and literal combat. It’s because Mars is standing beside the full moon bringing an action-oriented, fighter energy to the table. The bottom line is you get to choose. You can be angry or you can use the energy to be productive. Whatever decisions you are starting to make though, wait a few days to act on them. Let the Mars influence subside. When any shenanigans get started just know its this Full Moon irritating things and give yourself (and others) some grace. There’s a reason why they say everyone is crazy on a full moon! You will see it with this one…

Here’s your day-to-day this whole full moon week:

Monday~ Break from routines; anxious or nervous; be cautious.

Tuesday~ Good work day; enthusiasm; practical plans.

Wednesday~ Confusion; things come to a head; find your focus.

Thursday~ Calmer day; surrender or let go; no decision making yet.

Friday~ Red flags, power kegs, stick to your guns; difficult convos.

Saturday~ Protective walls; avoidance tactics; seek solace in your shell.

Sunday~ Trust issues; forgiveness; pm shift in focus to lighter mood.

During this full moon, any anytime you’re feeling stressed, it’s a good idea to lean into the energy of your personal moon. Yes, your moon has a sign too (it was in a particular sign when you were born). This is different from your Sun Sign. And the full moon will affect you differently too.

So for the fire moons (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) – you will have to work hard to stay focused. Confrontation doesn’t scare you and you could get into a scrape or two with this energy. Work hard at self control and take yourself for a walk or run if you can’t handle it. The physical release will help settle you down.

For the air moons (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini)- your mind is on overdrive, more so than usual. Ideas are flying and so make sure you write them down if they’re good and lean into phoning a friend or getting social to help release your full moon tension.

Water moons (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)- this one is gonna be rough. You don’t like this energy at all! Seek retreat with your closest circle who can handle your mood swings this week and go it alone if you’re struggling to be heard. Always remember that you find solace in water – so if you can’t take a shower, just go wash your hands for 5 minutes. It will clear your mind and your energy.

Earth moons (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) – you like to be in control and this moon is not going to be supportive of that. You are likely to feel grumpy and out of sorts. Your remedy will be to get out in nature- literally put your bare feet on the earth (even though its cold) for 5 minutes. Go for a hike, rake leaves, prune the things that have died with the frost. Or you can clean out the closets and donate to charity. You can write that off as a tax deduction – and that will make you feel a bit better. Hang in there, this too shall pass. By the weekend you will be back to normal.


Want to know what area of life this moon is going to shine on? You can use either your sun or rising sign (ascendant). I like to use the rising sign because it’s more accurate. But if you don’t know it, use the sun sign. It still gives good clues.

Aries – communication, close environments, relationships with siblings/neighbors/friends.

Taurus- money, security, self-worth, spirituality, connection to nature

Gemini- this moon has it’s spotlight on you. It’s lighting up your physical body – meaning your health, appearance, ego. Take care to stay well in the coming week.

Cancer- this is a psychic full moon for you. It’s working on things that are behind the scenes, hidden desires, your secrets, intuition, addictions.

Leo- technology, friends, your groups and social networks, your dreams

Virgo- career, reputation, ambition, authority

Libra- you will learn a lesson with this moon, take a new class, or seek a new pursuit

Scorpio- key word for you is transformation, something is changing and evolving in your world. Could be falling apart or putting it back together.

Sagittarius- relationships, partner, agreements, contracts, negotiation

Capricorn- work, health, routines, details, planning

Aquarius- entertainment, children, love, romance, creative pursuits

Pisces- family, home, parents, subconcious, origins

The energy will subside by Friday. And that is when you can start to act on any decisions you have made. Over the weekend we will have a lovely regenerative Cancer moon to soothe, restore and wash away whatever harshness the moon brought. So if this week leaves you feeling drained, just know that energetic help is on the way.

Don’t know your moon sign? Go to for a FREE tutorial on how to run your own natal chart and see what your personal moon is.

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I have a number of donation-based readings that I do each month, so if having a reading is a matter of a financial limitation, please don’t let it be. Message me and let’s find a way to do it!


New Moon in Cancer 2022

New Moon in Cancer 2022 by Seeing Stars Astrology

Hello Circle of Friends:

The New Moon is almost upon us – happening in the hours before midnight on Tuesday, June 28th. This is a particularly powerful new moon, maybe the most powerful of the whole year.

When there is a new moon, we have a dark sky, or see just a mere sliver of the moon. The sun and moon are holding hands at this time, and are in harmony and see the same viewpoint. It’s like they both have the same pair of sunglasses on and are seeing the same things.  This month they wear “Cancerian” sunglasses as both are in the zodiac sign of Cancer. So its like double Cancer energy – powerful stuff! Feminine energy at it’s finest!

Cancer Themes

Cancer is a water sign, and is in her “home” when she’s near the moon. Cancer traits or keywords to think about:

  • The healer
  • The “home” maker
  • Emotions, feelings, instinct
  • Energy of the Mother, the feminine
  • The group unconscious
  • Intuition – knowing what is felt/held in, without it needing to be said
  • The protector
  • Attached
  • Sentimental
  • Moody
  • Fertility

You may feel more of these qualities with this new moon energy. Cancer is all about family and home; these will be themes during this new moon. You may be thinking of your mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, or important female mentors/peers in your world at this time. You may be thinking about your own roles as a mother or mentors to other. What/who do you “mother” in your world. It could be your dog or cat, a favorite niece or nephew, or even a junior co-worker who needs a helping hand.

A new moon is when the sky goes dark in the moon cycle; she goes within and we should too. We are thinking internally, on a deep psychological level. What is working? What is not working? What do we need to change? How can we change it?

The feminine energy is on most women’s minds at this crucial point in our history too. Most are feeling uncertain and uneasy. How can we hold space and support our sisters at this time: whether in loving acceptance or in respectful disagreement?

The Moon’s Relationships

This sun/moon combo is standing next to the asteroid Ceres in this lunation; the asteroid of nurturing. This three-fold Cancerian energy is asking us:

  • What do you need to feel nurtured during this time?
  • How do you nurture those around you?
  • How can you find the nurturing you seek?
  • What can you do to be a better nurturer with those you love?

Jupiter is in the mix too with this new moon. Jupiter is squaring the moon. That doesn’t sound good, does it? Right-O! Jupiter’s usual energy is: expansion, good luck, growth, and optimism. Just as the word “square” suggests – it’s a stressful relationship. The two aren’t talking on the same level. Jupiter isn’t giving his support to this moon – but is calling her to action. Asking her to do something to make her own luck and her own growth in the next moon cycle. It’s a stress point but also the match needed to light the flame of initiation. Jupiter is asking us to do something about it! What do you need “to do something about” in your world? This new moon can help.  

So during a new moon we go deep inside, we ask ourselves tough questions, and we plan. We don’t act (that’s for a full moon), we just make plans. We contemplate. We research. We educate ourselves. And we wait. And we make a list. And we wait. And we set intentions. And we wait.

I think that this new moon is especially powerful because it is calling us to recognize what’s happening in our world- how we might feel powerful or powerless – and to start to think through how to change that dynamic; if we wish to… Knowledge is power my friends! Regardless if you’re in a place to act upon it. If you start to question the status quo in your world and can recognize where you need to make changes; then the new moon did her job. We might feel unfairly treated or feel a lack of support during this upcoming week. Remember to reach out for help if you need it. Call your girlfriends. Have a night out. Do self care; get a pedicure. Whatever makes you feel lovely, indulgent, and self-nurturing. The first woman that you need to take care of at this time is yourself. You are worth it and you deserve it!

I feel, (said the Leo deeply impacted by this Cancerian energy) that we need to support each other more in our individual practices. Many of you are yoga teachers, healers, intuitives, holistic health advocates, herbalists, astrology lovers, etc. How can I support you?

How might we come together in support of one another?

We need more opportunities for our feminine energy to mesh together, to collaborate, to gather. We need to make our women’s networks and circles a priority – just as important as taking care of our families and pets and homes. I see this Cancer moon cycle as a call to action. We need to attend each other’s events. Seek each other’s council. Reach out and collaborate or exchange services.

Do you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts. How can we honor the divine feminine within us all? How can we take care of and support each other just through presence and participation? I intend to make this more of a priority in my life. How about you?

Juicy Offerings from Jen

Astrology and yoga are my gifts, it’s what lights me up – so it’s the offering I have. If you need support, assistance, or just a general need for kinship- I’d love to hear from you! Let’s do an exchange. Let’s catch up. Let’s get to know each other or get reacquainted. In person or with Zoom!

If you want to learn astrology…

Join me in this 5-Part series on Wednesdays nights – 6:30 – 8:00pm starting August 31st – every Wednesday evening through September 28th. In this Zoom workshop you will learn how to read your natal chart. We will learn about the zodiac signs in depth, the planet’s characteristics, the SECRETS of your Rising Sign, the 12 Houses, the Aspects or “lines” in your chart, and how to make predictions. I teach you an easy way to learn and remember it all!

What is your life purpose? Do you know what the universe intended for you or why you were born at this moment in time? We will look at the markers that tell you in your chart! All levels of astrology enthusiasts welcome, no experience necessary. The cost for this workshop is $228 self investment – but the information is priceless! I like to keep the group size at no more than six, as we look at everyone’s chart in class and I do readings on your chart throughout the series. So you learn about YOU and you see how the energy applies to other’s too. It’s the ultimate in bringing examples to life and will help you to “see” the energy! I will record all sessions and email them to you – so if you can’t make one, you can watch the recording later, anytime you like. Come to this astrology circle, you won’t regret it!

And in the energy of this divine feminine moon- I’ve had a few new brainstorms. Keep reading to see how we might build some community this fall.

New Moon Yoga/Full Moon Yoga

In late August I’m planning to start up New Moon and Full Moon Yoga again with simple practices you can do to align yourself to the moon’s cycles. You can literally learn to manifest with the moon’s energy. You will feel lovely after a gentle yoga practice (suitable for all, even beginners) and then we’ll talk about the moon energy at hand and how to use it to help you create the best energetic shifts you can manifest! Get in rhythm with the moon’s cycles and use the energy to your advantage…

New Moon and Full Moon Yoga on Zoom will generally be on Friday evenings at 7:00pm. You can join me live, or when you register you will be sent the recording to practice whenever you wish. We’ll do a simple ceremony/meditation and I’ll share all the moon wisdom for your own personal practice. So it’s a little bit yoga, a little bit moon circle, a little bit astrology- but a whole lot of fun! (There is an in-person option too, in my basement studio in Loveland – just message me.)

Add these dates to your calendar:

August 26 – New Moon in Virgo

September 9 – Full Moon In Pisces

September 24 – New Moon in Libra/Autumnal Equinox Circle (Saturday evening at 7:00)

October 7 – Full Moon in Aries

October 19 – New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (Wednesday evening at 7:00)

November 4 – Full Moon in Taurus

November 18 – New Moon in Sagittarius

New and Full Moon Yoga is $20 per class. Email me: to sign up!

And check out my website – where you can get your free natal moon phase reading. There’s also a moon phase calculator at the bottom of the home page.  It will tell you what moon phase you were born under. This can tell you so much about your personality! For instance, in my chart, I was born just past the full moon when the moon was waning and getting smaller. This is the mark of someone always on the move, a collector of information and knowledge– with a great need to share and teach! Does that sound like me, lol?!

What moon phase were you born under? Go check it out – And as always I’d love to hear from you or do a reading for you – contact me at

Stay cool and keep your eyes on the stars! (And when you’re sad – look for the helpers, they give us hope…)

Much love,


Taste of Astrology for June

Just like the Astrology Café in the past – here’s a quick little taste of the upcoming energy.

Hey Star-Seekers,

How have you been feeling? How has the energy been treating you? Things probably felt like they were speeding up and moving faster as we got into the month of May (that’s because Mars moved into the fire sign, Aries). I know you felt it! For me I’ve been as busy as a bee! Like I just can’t stop, even when I try. We still have that pumped up feistiness in the sky for the next few months (responsible for all the guns and aggressiveness too) -but the month of June – believe it or not- has things settling down in other parts of our lives for a bit. The calm before the storm, if you will. Don’t worry, the storm isn’t coming back until the fall – around election time. We can take a little breather.  The OLD ways of thinking vs. the NEW way comes to a head again…But we get a little respite this month as we head into the Summer Solstice (June 21) and Cancer season (a water sign who likes to chill and cuddle).

There’s not a lot of outer-to-outer planet activity this month and that means we get a break! The energy isn’t perfect, and I’m not saying it will be all sunshine and roses, but what I am saying is – enjoy the peace while it’s here. Dive into summer, make a strawberry pie, chase lightning bugs, go for a swim, vacations, camping, and do whatever lights you up 

As of June 3, we are out of Mercury retrograde (and out of the post shadow now), so things start working again. Finally! Mercury (which symbolizes our thoughts, communications, processing) will be at work all month – helping you to plan, dream and do. Mercury is bringing things out into the open this month, clearing up communications, revealing secrets, and letting us know what’s really going on. For instance, after the 10th we can expect to hear real information about the Jan. 6th hearings and the Roe v Wade documents. You will notice thoughts flying, clever ideas coming in, and lots of chatter this month.

From now and through the middle of the month – expect to get a little adrenaline boost too. Spontaneity is the name of the game, and you may find yourself attracted to a new idea, person, or way of doing things. Or even a new hobby. Something you’ve never even considered before. There could be a windfall or unplanned excess in love or money at this time – so just get ready to ride it like the wind. Venus is holding hands with Uranus (the planet of lightning bolts and surprises). It’s a hang on to your hat kind of energy and it could be in a very good way…my fingers are crossed.

We do also have Saturn (the big guy, who I call the “old man”) turning retrograde this month – making us check our facts, reworking our structures, and rethinking what we’re building. So, if you’re having some snafus getting things off the ground – it’s just the “old man” checking in to make sure you are doing your diligence. You can still do it! Just be patient and keep chugging along. It’s a time to dig in and do the work. I believe in you and know you can make it happen!

Pretty in Pink – Strawberry Moon

And then on Tuesday, June 14th at 7:52am is the beautiful Full Moon for this month. The Native Americans called it the Strawberry Moon and I think we’ve all had a few by now and know it’s harvest time for strawberries and that’s how our moon got its name. It won’t really be pink, it’s just kinda nice to think of that way. She is a pretty moon though! Soft, sweet and juicy!

She occurs in the Sagittarius part of the sky this month. So, this is some BIG energy coming our way! Expect to feel this moon! Sag energy is gregarious, larger than life, funny as hell, and is the big dreamer who believes in the magic of a shooting star. This moon does come with a tension point though related to our fantasies vs. what’s reality. That means that you may feel a little foggy, dreamy and out of it during the full moon this month. Lean into your routines and structures (sleep, drink water, work out, etc.) if you start feeling that way and you’ll do fine. Remember to keep your fantasy world on the inside, in check, and under control. We must deal with what is before us each day- remember: chop wood, carry water… Having said that – you might get some FANTASTIC downloads, dreams, and epiphanies – so be sure to write those babies down! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who is the Santa Claus of the zodiac – so you just might have some gifts in all those dreams. I can’t wait to hear from the intuitives in this group and hear what they learned during this full moon. Pay attention, that could be you.

On the 18th (post full moon) things may feel a little weepy, bittersweet, or reminiscent. We have Venus and Saturn standing with Mama Moon and that can cause a feeling of loss, delayed gratification, or like things are not working out. When the moon is involved, just know it will pass. The moon symbolizes our emotions. Don’t wear yours on your sleeve during this time. Detach a bit and try to go with the flow. It will be better by the Solstice.

And Summer Solstice Arrives…

Just like the queen she is, the new season arrives on Tuesday, June 21 at 5:13am! It’s officially S-U-M-M-E-R  y’all! Mark her arrival by doing a 108x sun salutation yoga sequence or lighting a candle and doing a little gratitude meditation/prayer in honor of the longest day of the year. You’ll have plenty of time to play with 13 hours of sunlight to keep you awake 

Summer Solstice is the beginning of the new season and with the Sun moving into Cancer the same day, you’ll feel the nurturing, initiating energy take hold. Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, who has her shell on her back to protect her soft heart. She is the house mother and loves to work on improving her domain. During this time, we to may want to create some safe, cozy spaces for ourselves or our loved ones. We may feel pulled toward our family or those we care about. We may be more compassionate, loving or conversely more clingy, needy or controlling (to keep everyone safe- it’s a protective mechanism). We may just want to beautify our surroundings – making our backyard a haven, or put new flowers in the garden, or string some cute lights on the deck. Tap into your inner Cancer energy this year and know that when these urges hit -with you or someone you know- that the “nesting” feeling is normal, and you can really make progress in that area when the energy supports you this way.

Also, when we cast a chart for the beginning of a new astrological month (Cancer season) it can give us a flavor of the energy for that whole month. One flavor besides our Cancer sun- is the moon placement. It’s in Leo on the 21st (representing our emotions) and so you can expect a little Leo energy to be around all month. It shows itself with a flair for the dramatics from June 21st until July 22nd. You’ll want to be the center of someone’s attention.  Emotionally you may feel very protective and loyal of your circle and people, and you may get your feelings hurt or offended easily. Especially if loved ones don’t notice and appreciate how much you care. But you may also feel the need to have fun, go out, and have a good time! Leo is the superstar of fun! They LOVE being in the limelight, getting dressed up, and painting the town. There’s lots of concerts, outdoor restaurants, baseball, and fun things to do- so let yourself go and have some fun! It’s summertime!

GSD Energy

On the 27th we have a powerful but good aspect. Mars is shaking hands with Saturn. This is your inner gas pedal and brake pedal working together. Like when you drive a stick shift up a hill and have to hold both at the same time to keep it from rolling back. So now translate this into your own world. You will be able to do the hard work and keep moving forward at the same time! You will have the ability to organize, be more productive, and more efficient at this time (more than any other time this whole month) – so use this energy to tackle any projects you’ve been avoiding, or cleaning or bookkeeping that you haven’t wanted to do. Go Marie Condo on it! I would say from the 25th– 30th you will be able to machine through anything that you need to get done.

And then we’re back to the New Moon on June 28th.  A new moon happens when the sun and the moon are in the same place in the sky. This one has both holding hands in the sign of Cancer. It is a time to go inward, to set intentions and to make a plan. I’ll send something out on this new moon, which is a special one – on how you can make the most of it and manifest something wonderful in your world.

And in the meanwhile – if you’re looking for me – I’m teaching yoga at a new center in West Chester called The Muscle Center. It’s a boutique-style medical massage studio located next to a very popular cross fit gym there. They also do facials, esthetic work and have a full yoga schedule. A hidden gem! There are some wonderful teachers there and the owner, Marcia is absolutely fabulous! If you’re looking for somewhere to start getting massages again, need some help with pain management, skin care or somewhere to call your yoga “home” this little spot might just be the place. Find us on social media or reach out to me for the details.

And until next month – I hope you seek out the light, can feel the light, or just be the light. There are so many of you that are such wonderful lights in the world. If we all got together, we might set this world on fire! Wouldn’t that be something? The Age of Aquarius is closer than we realize friends.

Go out and look at the stars this month, they are om-mazing. Wishing you all the best and a magical month!


Energy Update for May 22, 2022

Hello Fellow Star-Seers!

How did the Full Moon and Solar Eclipse of last weekend treat you…did you feel it? The energy was intense! It was emotional and involved cleaning out the “gunk” either physically, mentally, or in relationship. Been cleaning/clear much lately?

For me it was literally cleaning and clearing garbage! I am helping to rehab a house that had a lot of trash and garbage both inside and outside, so I’ve had my gloves on and I’ve been clearing out the trash.

Where have you been clearing trash out. How does this manifest for you? I would love to know.

It’s Not Over Yet!

And even though the Full Moon Eclipse is over, it’s not really over yet. The combined energy between the two going to show up for you over the next four weeks. It is also a time of shifting visions. You will find you are interested in new things, or something/someone new is coming in. You will have new epiphanies and ah-ha moments too. Just notice how subtly it happens. You will be amazed.

New Cycle Beginning

And it also set off the beginning of a new 12-year cycle as the energy shifts into a fast-paced current that can help us get things done. Get ready for an even bigger boost of energy too, as things that were moving slow are going to start accelerating fast, like really fast, and maybe faster than you are ready for! It happens this week as Mars (the planet of forward motion) moves into the fire sign of Aries. Look for things to kick off, get started, and move quick!

Where’s the Eclipse?

Here’s some key words about where this energy might show up in your life. Remember these themes have the next month to arrive, or maybe they’ve been coming over the past couple of weeks leading into the eclipse.

You can go by your sun sign or rising sign, or both. If you’re not sure about what your rising sign is (also called Ascendant or AC) – go to my website – and on the main page I made a video that quickly teaches you how to cast your chart – and it is free! Knowing your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign (or AC), is crucial to learning about yourself. It’s the basis for knowing your unique energy.

Where’s the Eclipse for YOU?

Here’s some key words-

Aries –
Uncovering things that are hidden
underworld themes
other peoples $ & resources

attitudes toward partnerships
agreements and contracts
the fine arts, decorating, remodeling

Self-improvement, health
Work, career
Everyday life

Entertainment, having fun
Love & Romance
Creative expression
Hobbies, Pleasures, Vacations

Home, Family, domestic affairs
Origins, Heredity, Ancestors
Childhood, Mother
Subconscious, psychological roots

Verbal/intellectual expression
Curiosity; Learning something new
Relationships with siblings, neighbors, closest friends

Money, material things
Values, self-worth
Simplicity, things that bring comfort
Outdoors, nature

Physical Body, health
Self- Image
Modifying appearance
Taking action

Psychic downloads; strong intuition
Things happening behind the scenes
Secrets, Vagueness
Illness; Addictions
Hidden Lives; Escapism

Stepping/Thinking outside the box
Increased use of technology
Future/forward thinking
Interest in groups/networks/organizations
Hopes, Wishes, Dreams are coming into focus

Feeling ambitious; focus on career/profession
Reputation; social standing
Adjusting to rules, norms, regulations
Relationship with authority
Breakthrough or breaking out, being freed

Optimism/big picture thinking
Seeking new experiences
Overseeing a project

I hope this helps you in the coming weeks. Please feel free to share this information. I believe astrology is a helpful tool in knowing what energy is coming our way. It helps to prepare us for the energy “weather”, so you know how to make adjustments! Sometimes we need an umbrella and sometimes we need a beach towel. And sometimes we need a shovel (for all the 💩 coming)! How do you know? Follow me on FB or IG at Seeing Stars Astrology or Seeing Stars Yoga and I’ll keep you up to date when big energy is coming our way. And I need your help. Share, refer, and give me a review on FB if you’ve had a reading with me. And if you haven’t (or haven’t in a while) maybe it’s time. If it’s an issue of the cost, I love what I do and I will work with you as a gift to your future self.

Check out my websites to learn more about what I do.

I’d love to hear from you. Email me at Happy Star-Gazing…and up next is the New Moon in Gemini on Sunday, June 5th

Full Wolf Moon in Leo – January 2021

It’s time to Howl…and Roar!

Thursday, January 28th is the January full moon, which happens at 2:16 p.m. EST. It is called the Wolf Moon, in the Native American tradition, which believed wolves howled at the moon because they were hungry, and it was hard for them to find food in the winter. There’s more to this story though as we shall see. This is a powerful full moon, and you will feel it most strongly if you have Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius in your chart.  A full moon’s energies can be felt 2-3 days before and after the point of fullness. And for the next two weeks (until the new moon) you can tap into the energies of this moon.

Gratitude & Release

With this illumination we are offered a chance to express gratitude for what was and to release or let go of what we don’t need any more.  For instance, can you find gratitude for some things that happened in the past year? Maybe it’s working from home, more time with your family, a chance to slow down…also what can you let go of? Maybe some grief, suffering, regret, expectations or rules/strictures that you’ve self-imposed or had imposed on you?

I see this full moon as a time to begin anew – as January, from the root word “Janus” in Roman mythology signifies endings, beginnings, gateways transitions and passages. This full moon is really the gateway to new energy that is coming. All of 2020 we had squares and hard aspects to the big planets: Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Did you know that there is a direct correlation to the energy of Pluto and Jupiter standing together in the sky and the Coronavirus spikes? It’s unbelievable. You can find data on this through the famous astrologer, Chris Brennan, on The Astrology Podcast. It’s really something!

Here’s the cool thing about the planets. They emit energy frequencies, akin to music, that we as humans do not have the ability to hear, but we can certainly feel. (Think of the way the moon affects the ocean tides.) And haven’t we all felt something harsh, limiting and frustrating this past year?  The good news is we can now thank it (2020) for what it taught us and then we can release it and let it go. New times are coming… The moon is going to help us to do that.

In any full moon, the moon stands opposite in the sky from the sun. With this moon in Leo, it is standing opposite to Aquarius. Leo has BIG creative, leadership, and manifesting energy as it’s a fire sign.  And Aquarius symbolizes our hopes, wishes, dreams, and works at revolutionizing our groups, social life, and organizations. It is THE social sign, and it is an air sign. When you put air and fire together, the fire gets bigger!!!  So, there’s some excitement, a need to have fun, to create, and to manifest with this full moon. Maybe you don’t feel it today…but I promise in the next few days you will feel a sweep of this energy coming to you. It’s infectious and it’s optimistic. What’s amazing is that Jupiter is holding hands with (conjunct) the sun (in Aquarius) and this is adding something special to the mix. This full moon has miracles, good luck, and blessings built into it. You only have to look for them.

Because Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, the moon does create a little irritability or nervousness for us. There is also a T-Square formation in the sky adding a little pressure or a frustrating energy.  You can relieve this by getting physical (go for a walk, exercise, dance) or by focusing on a puzzle or something you need to figure out. Good energy for watching a true crime or mystery movie where you have to follow the clues to crack the case. If you get into a skirmish with someone, try not to overreact, avoid (Leo-like) drama, and use your power to observe, be compassionate, and breathe.

So back to the Native American belief of this being the “Wolf Moon”. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the traditional belief was that wolves howled because they were hungry. But today we know wolves howl because they are trying to define territory, locate pack members, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting. So, combine that with the Aquarian and Leo energy of this full moon and the meaning is clear. It’s time to howl (or roar)!  It’s time to show up, find your pack, reconnect with your social group, and coordinate energies. Leo is asking us to figure out HOW we want to show up as an individual in our social settings and Aquarius is saying to use that gift to find your group.

So, your challenge for the next two weeks is to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do I stand out or celebrate my contributions/gifts to the community?
  2. What do I need to know about myself that must be released in this full moon so I can step up and show up in my most powerful form?

If you’re not sure, go to your oracle cards, say a prayer for the highest good, and ask the divine to give you a clue about each question. You’ll be surprised at what you find.


I have some news friends! I will be offering several astrology workshops this spring.  If you are interested in learning how to holistically heal yourself, how to read your natal chart, or how to compare charts within your family/relationships – I have some great news to share with you.

I have 3 workshops that will be available beginning in March, April, and May! I am working to host dual zoom and in-person events that will be socially distanced and safe for you. They will also be affordable and won’t break the bank. I believe that astrology should be practical and accessible for everyone. It is such a helpful tool to learn what cycles are coming next, so you know how to prepare! I am a professionally trained astrologer, I am passionate about what I do, and I would love to work with you!

I will also be giving a 2021 Forecast for each sign in February on Youtube. Look for details soon on my website Also go to the website and sign up for a free full moon forecast, and you will receive all my forecasts, posts, and workshop info.

And, I do still have some availability for personal readings in February. Email me – or reach out on social media and I can lay out 2021 for you and predict what energies will be at work in your life. Knowing the tides of life can make things so much easier to navigate!

Love & Light,


Are You Ready to Fly into 2021?

It’s Time to Grow Your Wings!

It’s been on the news, social media, blog sites, magazines, and just about every kind of communication out there – the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter (which you could literally see in the sky!), also known as the Christmas Star. How beautiful! And these two planets were so lovely in the sky, holding hands, and bringing new energy to us too!

Did you know their little meeting signaled the next 20-year cycle of your life? And several other cycles are beginning too. About seven new cycles in all (which is a BIG deal!) and most of them are now beginning in Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign.  Aquarius and air energy in general brings on feelings of independence, freedom-seeking, curiosity, thinking, communicating, technology usage, eccentricity, humanitarianism, and the collective mind set. If you know an Aquarius, they are super-smart, are light years ahead of the conversation, care about everyone, and they beat to their own drum. Am I right? This is where we’re heading. We’re getting ready to take flight as a society. It’s time to do things like you’ve never done before – tapping into your genius, finding how you can live “outside the box”.

Welcome to Aquarius! (Now despite what you may have heard – this isn’t the “Age of Aquarius”, maybe a slight entrée into what it will be like…but that’s a conversation for a different time.) Just trust me, we are like baby birds still in the nest discovering that we have wings. We’re preparing for the take off.

For perspective, Saturn and Jupiter cycles have been in earth signs for many years.  Think of qualities like securing shelter, possessions, stability, structure, and being grounded like a tree. Now the universe is asking us to grow wings…so what we supposed to do with that?

That’s where I can help.

And how was your Holiday Season by the way?  I hope it was as good as possible given all the quarantines and mask wearing.  You did your best I am sure!  Are you glad that we’re reaching the end of 2020? Most people are… and hoping for a better 2021. Me too.

That’s why I am reaching out to you. How has 2020 treated you? Would you like to get set up for the best 2021 possible? Would you like to figure out how you can fly this year? Imagine your favorite winged animal – a butterfly, a hummingbird, an owl, or an eagle.  See yourself as this amazing creature getting ready to fly off into the afterglow. Let me take a look at your chart and see how the planets are playing together in the sky for you.

We are pilots now, no longer train conductors or truck drivers. We are leaving earthly pursuits and are headed for the clouds. Wouldn’t you like to know what the weather will be like?

I can help. I can see what the cycles will bring for your chart this coming year. I can tell you what to expect and how to use the energy for your highest good. And where you need to buckle down, or be patient, or where an opportunity may occur. Where to hit the gas and when to apply the brake. Where your greatest 2021 is and how you can make the best of it!

I would love to read your astrological weather. Book an Astrology Reading with me! You can click the link below to go to my scheduler or reach out to me on social media – I’m on Facebook and Instagram @seeingstarsastrology.  We can see where 2021 is going to take you. I would be honored to be your copilot.

Love and Stars,


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Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius…Let It Go

So here we are, the moon has moved into Sagittarius, along with the sun and they are holding hands in the sky under a new moon.  Such a sweet time!  New moons are the time when the sky is dark, as no moon can be seen and it is a time to go internal and to reflect on what changes we need to make in the coming month or “moon-th” cycle.  This cycle runs from this new moon on December 14 until the next new moon on January 13, 2021.

What makes this new moon extra special is that there is also a Total Solar Eclipse occurring on Monday morning too.  It occurs on December 14 at 8:33 a.m. and we won’t see it here in the U.S., but I can bet you are feeling it!  The energy of the eclipse portals open about 2 weeks before and after an eclipse, and we just had a lunar eclipse on November 30!  A lot of planetary energy is happening and the winds of change are upon us and have been for a few weeks now. Can you feel it?  

A total eclipse like this one will pack more punch than other partial eclipses. The last one we had that was this powerful happened in August 2017.  Do you remember?  It was in the middle of the day.  Can you think of a powerful transition that occurred in your life in the months after that eclipse?  For instance, for me, I left a stressful job and career path to do something more in alignment with my karma.

This Solar Eclipse happens in the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign, and it has an energetic and optimistic tone to it.  (Thank goodness, this is just what we need; a little hope!)  It is a time of liberation, freeing you, or a letting go of something in your life that you can no longer hold on to.  It signifies a time where we release things that are no longer serving us.  So ask yourself – “What do I need to let go of?”  It can be as simple as decluttering your space, to something as serious as ending a failing relationship or friendship.  It can be letting go of expectations, judgement, guilt, shame, or bad feelings that may have been hanging around your neck for way too long.  It is a turning point in our lives where we discharge, clear away, or make inner decisions to do something new.  And it will happen regardless of what we try to do – this is karmic energy- and it comes in to start a new cycle with or without our cooperation.  So try to go with the flow and remain flexible!  We are leaving something behind that we don’t need anymore.  This eclipse is about endings.  We are ending one phase of life so that we can bring something new in.  This is the universe’s way of helping us to clean the cobwebs in our life.  Don’t we all need to release something from 2020?  Do I hear a resounding yes?!

This is exciting energy!  Karmic Housecleaning!  YES, please!  Take a look below to see where this Solar Eclipse is going to affect you.  Look at both your Sun sign and your Rising sign to get an indicator of how these two energies may integrate with each other.  I feel that the Rising Sign is the best indicator of soul growth, but there may be themes from your sun sign as well. You may not feel the effects of this eclipse right away as the window is usually 2 weeks before up to 6 months after the actual date of the eclipse when the energy is active.  You may not realize right away how this impacted your life so it might be helpful to write down these key words for your Sun and Rising sign and then go back and look at them in a few weeks.  You’ll be amazed to see how things play out.

What does the Eclipse mean for each of the Zodiac Signs?

Here’s a hint to what you can expect during this New Moon Solar Eclipse…

  • Aries – Questioning your ideologies and expanding your vision for 2021.  Travel, education, or a new spiritual journey is possible.  You may have the urge to quit or change course for something new.
  • Taurus– Emotional intimacy or mind games in relationships, also themes of self-transformation or renewal.  Power struggles and/or passionate feelings can uncover hidden meanings or trigger change.
  • Gemini– Eclipses signal changes in public image, partnerships and marriage.  Contracts, promises and plans may change like the wind.  Be careful of deceit or tricky people and avoid signing anything during this time.
  • Cancer– Health and work are primarily affected. Maybe time to start a new health routine.  Take care with your health, i.e vitamins, exercise, wearing your mask.  Changes to job/schedules are typical.  You may feel the motivation to take on a substantial task or a new role.  This can be a productive time.
  • Leo– Lovers or close friends can enter or depart during this time.  Focus on your creative outlets, the children in your life, and be open to spontaneous plans.  Your small pets may need extra attention.
  • Virgo – Focus on your family and home.  Check in on your parents.  Keep your eye on stability, routines, and your life goals as this eclipse will bring momentary whims or discontent that is fleeting.
  • Libra – This eclipse affects communication, written and speaking; make sure you back up your computers and electronics as they may break!  It may be good to change up your daily routines.  Go for a drive.  Your mind is busy during this time; build some down time into your schedule.
  • Scorpio – Expect a money surge – coming in or going out.  Taking stock of your self-talk and owning you worth.  May also influence food and nutrition choices.  Notice where you feel stuck or indignant – this is probably where you need to make changes.
  • Sagittarius – Take care of your health – the effects of this eclipse will be strong on your physical body.  Possible fatigue or extra energized.  Your natural traits will be enhanced before and after the eclipse – you may feel restrained, a need for a new adventure, learning experience, or spiritual journey.  Be optimistic about 2021!  This is a positive eclipse for Sagittarius!
  • Capricorn – Emphasis on creating boundaries, revealing secrets, behind the scenes or “hidden” matters are in focus.  Spiritual work, intuition, sleep, need for rest, solitude, dreams, fears, are being brought up at this time.
  • Aquarius– Manifestation within your social circles, friends/groups/mentors may enter or exit your life, a social time where new connections can be made.
  • Pisces – Career emphasis, perhaps bringing a promotion or new responsibilities into your life.  Can bring confusion about your goals.  You need time to mull over your options.  Stay still at this time.

Whatever you do – don’t be afraid of eclipse energy. We have 2-6 eclipses every year and the changes happen and we just don’t always notice. Knowing the Astrology and the area where it will affect you will help you to see the planetary energy at work in your life – and that is a beautiful thing.

Love & Light

Jen @ Seeing Stars Astrology

It’s Full Moon Time…with an Eclipse!

This month’s full moon is during the wee hours of Monday, November 30th, around 4:30 a.m. ET. You may start to feel the tension of the moon’s gravitational pull on you this Sunday morning. Things may feel a little more hectic, busy, or dare I say crazy feeling? It is a full moon in the sign of Gemini, bringing a curiosity to the table, making you a little more inquisitive and livelier, perhaps questioning some things about life, and why things are the way they are. It may help you come to a decision to make some needed changes. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and gives steam to your thinking machine, helping you to focus on problems and it can cause you to over-think things a bit, but it is in positive aspect to Saturn (the planet of rules and structure) and this energy can help you reset, redo, and plan for consistency, time management, new routines, and new starts.

The accompanying eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse, in the North Node, meaning this it is an ENTRY energy, bringing us something new, and typically the harbinger of POSITIVE incoming energy. Boy do we need it! It can sometimes bring a “flood” of something: money, work, love – but there can be too much of a good thing…so pay attention to anywhere that can build up pressure – water lines, your car overheating, or even tempers running over.

This eclipse in Gemini, is an AIR sign and air signs have a signature influence on the air, wind (potential windy conditions), birds, trees, power lines, communication, transportation, electricity, storms, computers, technology, space exploration, mail and package delivery, and unfortunately airborne disease. Effects are typically felt 7-14 days before and after the eclipse, so you may have already noticed some “airy” events happening.

The sign Gemini rules the hands, arms, fingers, trachea, bronchial tubes, lungs, scapula, clavicle, respiratory system and the nervous system. It can bring waves of symptoms for those with asthma or bronchitis problems (so don’t forget your inhaler). And this eclipse is definitely a stimulant to the nervous system – so any and all mood/mental issues or fluctuating mental states may feel this eclipse more strongly and may need to do self-care and rituals to stay healthy for a few days before and after the eclipse.

What does the Eclipse and Full Moon mean for each of the Zodiac Signs?

Here’s a hint to what you can expect during this Full Moon Eclipse…

  • Aries – Affects communication, written and speaking, computers, electronics, focus on self-education and development.
  • Taurus– Expect a money surge – coming in or going out. Taking stock of your self-talk and owning you worth. May also influence food and nutrition choices.
  • Gemini– Take care of your health – the effects of this eclipse will be strong on your body. Possible fatigue or extra energized. Your natural traits will be enhanced before and after the eclipse – your wit, speed, dexterity, charisma, playfulness, nervousness, busy-mind, scatteredness, etc.
  • Cancer– Emphasis on creating boundaries, revealing secrets, behind the scenes or “hidden” matters are in focus. Spiritual work, intuition, sleep, need for rest, solitude, dreams, fears, are being brought up at this time.
  • Leo– Manifestation within your social circles, friends/groups/mentors may enter or exit your life, a social time where new connections can be made.
  • Virgo – Career emphasis with duality present – may be two or more choices regarding career, parents, or home. Can bring confusion. No quick resolution. Stay still at this time.
  • Libra – Questioning your ideologies and expanding your mind/vision. Travel or education possible. Possible urges to quit or change course for something new.
  • Scorpio – Emotional intimacy in relationships, also themes of self-transformation or renewal. Take special care to guard your lungs at this time.
  • Sagittarius – Eclipses signal changes in partnerships and marriage for Sagittarius. Contracts, promises and plans may change like the wind. Be careful of deceit or tricky people and avoid signing anything during this time. Preparation for upcoming Solar Eclipse.
  • Capricorn – Health and work are primarily affected – take care to strengthen and protect the lungs. Changes to job/schedules are typical. Communication is affected. Build some down time into your schedule. This can be a productive time.
  • Aquarius– Focus on romance, lovers or close friends. Express through creative outlets, the children in your life, and be open to spontaneous plans.
  • Pisces – Focus on your family and home, and the physical structure of the home – windows, doors, trees, HVAC. Keep your eye on stability, routines, and your life goals as this eclipse will bring momentary whims or discontent that will not stay.

You can look to your Sun sign and/or rising sign to see which areas of life the Eclipse will affect you. Remember that this “entering energy” can happen a few weeks before or after the eclipse, and in a bigger way, up to 90 days after the eclipse. So, it may be helpful to do some journaling during this time as you may not realize long-term changes until January or February of next year. It will feel like an area of your life is being “rearranged” or a turning point in that area. We will find feelings of assimilation to new ideas and feelings around the reception of something new. Are you ready to receive? Knowing what is coming next can help you to prepare for the future. Also taking the time recognize this energy coming into your life can help tremendously!

What Can You Do During the Eclipse?

Here are a few ways to honor the eclipse and full moon:

  • Light a candle -as when the “light” is eclipsed, you are keeping the light going in your energy field.
  • Take a bath – the water can help to restore ion balance in your body.
  • Pray – gratitude connects you with your spirit guides.
  • Deep Breathing – Durga breath or a 5-count inhale/exhale can help you to stay centered.
  • Eat high Chi foods- figs, dates, almonds, walnuts, kelp, seeds, honey, ginger, turmeric.
  • Rest and relax to restore. Monday may be a good day to take it easy, start slow, and just take your time through the day.

This eclipse, as well as the next one that is coming in just two weeks (December 14th!) are helping to close out 2020. They are bringing in the new energy of 2021. So, let’s do our rituals to say goodbye to this year that may have been both a blessing and a curse, and to prepare for what is to come. We have learned what we can live with, and without during this time period and so we take that knowledge into a brand-new year of hope and promise. I’m excited and you should be too! More to come friends…stay tuned for my forecasts and energy updates!

If you like this post, please be sure to visit my website:  and “like” and subscribe to future forecasts. I do natal chart and compatibility readings and can help you to “see your stars” today and into the future. I love helping clients plan for what’s coming next! Email me: jennifer@seeingstarsastrology for questions and more information.

Thanksgiving Astrology

Photo by Mitch Kesler on

November 23-29, 2020

Hi Friends!

I hope this week finds you well. As we approach the holidays, I have been thinking of you and I wanted to give you a special gift. Welcome to the beginnings of weekly Astrology updates from me.  My name is Jen, and as you know, I love Astrology!  I use it every day; to learn what’s coming, for my kids, in my relationships, for my friends, etc. I want you to have this same power to harness the energy of the planets and stars. Let me be your guide!

We all want to know what the current “mood” is, how we can put our best foot forward and when it’s the best time (or worst time) to make a decision, to begin new starts, to go on vacation, to buy a house, etc. Knowing the energy is just one more tool we can put in our toolbelt! Let me be your guide and I can help you add the tools you need to cope and survive this sometimes-crazy life. Energy can be changed and controlled with the right counter movements. I can show you how. Let’s jump into the week!

This week’s theme is: “GO WITH THE FLOW”

We have a Venus and Uranus opposition all week, which means they stand at opposite points in the sky. This is not bad, as Venus is the planet of LOVE: what we love, relationships, our money, and beautiful surroundings. Uranus is the planet of quick change, lightning-fast intuition, excitement, and unpredictability. Uranus in your natal chart is also where you stand out in crowd.  When these two come together it adds a little spice and variety to life.  A little more romance, creativity, or changes to your routine may come your way.  You also may get some good news or a new offer for a creative project! You can see money come or go quickly this week, so be watchful over your bank account.

Secondly, we have Mercury and Neptune holding hands in the sky, giving the week a more dreamy and imaginative quality. Your nighttime dreams may be more colorful, and this energy gives you increased intuition as well as heightened instincts and downloads – which are all telling you something. However, I wouldn’t make any important decisions this week as Neptune is also squaring Venus and this can muddy our rationality and thinking processes – wait until next week if you can to decide on anything important. This energy is great though for the holidays, daydreaming about your sweetie and where you might meet under the mistletoe or imagining and then creating the most beautiful Christmas tree or decorations that you can design this year!

Neptune has been retrograding and is beginning to “station” or stand still in preparation to move forward again. This can increase feelings of paranoia, depressed moods, connecting to our spiritual guides, a need to be near the water, or overuse of alcohol or drugs. So just notice how you’re feeling and do your grounding exercises if you’re feeling a little water-logged by Neptune this week.

Additionally, we also have a little argument in the sky between Pluto and Eris – be sure to notice any envy, guilt, or jealousy you may be feeling or that others are directing at you. If this happens it can be helpful to name it for yourself or for that other person and that should keep it at bay. Realize that even though these may be negative feelings, you can turn it into a positive by using these feelings as a MOTIVATOR to set goals for yourself. What do you want more of in your life? Where do you want be in 24 months?

On Wednesday, the 25th, just in time for all the cooking, we have the Moon holding hands with Mars. Mars is the gas pedal in the car, and the moon is your emotions. They are both together in Aries! Now if you know an Aries person, you know they have more gitty-up-and-go than most people – So this is beautiful energy for baking pies and casseroles and setting the table, and washing the glassware and getting all the things done…And these two planets give us razor like thinking and the ability to just KNOW- you can do it ALL – just be cool about it, don’t share that too loudly, or be a little too bossy, as you could find yourself in a holiday kerfuffle…and you don’t want that.

On Thursday, you might find your patience wearing thin, or feel a little frustrated. You’ve worked so hard, why don’t they see that and just listen, right? Realize that there are 3 kinds of people right now: the optimists, the intense snarky ones, and the curmudgeonly semi-depressed ones. So…this is who you will be dealing with around your Thanksgiving table. The good news is that you get to choose who you will be! I’m going for optimism said the Sagittarius rising! Just realize that we have to exercise a little patience and restraint with our loved ones as we’re all still coming out of the heavy energy that this year has dealt. Thanksgiving is the day to be grateful – so practice gratitude when you’re feeling out of sorts, thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for, go walk the dog, get out in nature and you’ll feel better.

(This energy comes from the recent shift of the sun in Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus still in Scorpio, and the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn).

On Friday, it’s another “go with the flow” kind of day. Daydreaming is the word. Exercise self-care, and don’t feel guilty if you just take it slow and binge watch Christmas movies in your pajamas all day long. Be yourself and just go with wherever the mood strikes you!

Saturday and Sunday the Moon is in the sign of Taurus, giving you the feeling of having everything under control and just feeling the good vibes! It’s an auspicious day on Saturday to begin a new project/routine/habit. So, if there’s something on your mind…like maybe starting to work off your Covid 15 or having had too much pumpkin pie then this is a great time to get started on a new health routine! The reality of things sets in and the truth comes out these two days, so use this grounded energy to make plans and a solid start to begin again. You can always begin again -tomorrow is a brand-new day!

On Sunday the good vibes continue, you can sink into to more feel-good activities, and make time to rest, relax, and avoid any conflict that may come your way. Remember, just “go with the flow”. Turn on the fireplace, light a candle, and enjoy all the things that make you feel good.

Sunday is bringing us up to a FULL MOON early on Monday morning (around 4:30 a.m.), so the edginess may be setting in later in the day as it does during a full moon. This full moon is coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, making it especially powerful! The full moon is in the sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, signifying our thought processes and the power of communication. So, you may be doing some heavy lifting in the thinking, journaling or talking-it-out department this Sunday. Give yourself some rest and do something mindless – vacuuming, raking leaves, or a crossword puzzle to slow down a racing mind. Yoga and meditation can be helpful too.

And that’s our week at a glance, friends. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you! Be on the lookout later this week for another blog post from me about the FULL MOON and Lunar Eclipse we have coming on Monday morning. It’s big! It’s the beginning of a new cycle! And I will share with you – how and where you will find this energy blooming in your life 😉

With Love and Light,


Astrology Cafe for September 2020

The monthly recording of Astrology Cafe is up and running! Come stroll through the stars with me by clicking on my picture above or going to Seeing Stars Astrology on YouTube or by clicking HERE! Learn what September and this fall has in store for you – as well as the upcoming Mars Retrograde, the big Capricorn “clump” energy we are all feeling right now (and is responsible for Covid!), and where Thor’s Hammer may be coming down in your life… We look at the charts and see where this energy is and at the end I go over each moon cycle so that you can learn how to start to “feel” the pull of the moon in your life. When you know what’s coming then you can make the changes you need to go with flow so much easier…

Right now, and most importantly, the planets are telling us that any new projects need to get under way by September 9th this year before Mars goes retrograde. What are you trying to get going right now? Get to steppin’ cause this fall is going to be about road blocks, tempers, and a lot of push/pull in the universe. It’s not that you can’t make a fresh start after that date, it just may be a bit harder. So patience, perseverance, and self control are the by-words of the months ahead.

This is heavy stuff and you may need some help. I offer astrology guidance. I do personalized readings and can help you see how this energy is going to impact you, where it will impact you, and how to navigate and use it to your advantage! Check out my website at www.seeingstarsastrology. com for more info and to register for the latest astrology updates.

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In this 4-Part Series, ASTROLOGY FOUNDATIONS, we will go in depth to learn the zodiac signs, the planets, the houses, and how to read the “aspects” or lines in the chart as well as “transits” so that you can learn to predict what is coming up for you. I show you an EASY system to learn from and you can do this from the comfort of your home!

Join me on Wednesday nights starting September 23rd at 7:00pm. Classes usually last two hours and so you will get 8 full hours of astrology foundational education in a simple format AND we will go over your chart too! Register by email or message me on FB or Instagram.

And coming up…

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