Virgo Full Moon In Pisces

What are you dreaming of? This is the moon of inspired visions! Also know as the Full Harvest Moon, this is the moon that provided light for final crops to be harvested before the invention of machinery with portable lighting. The Full Harvest Moon is the harbinger of fall, coming right before the Autumnal EquinoxContinue reading “Virgo Full Moon In Pisces”

Aquarian Full Moon: Consider the Collective

Did you see the moon coming out last night? This month we have a full moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August 15th (officially full at 8:31 a.m.). It is known as the “Full Sturgeon Moon” among the Northeast and Great Lake American Indian tribes, who followed the moon cycles and worked by moonlight to harvestContinue reading “Aquarian Full Moon: Consider the Collective”

Did you feel the shift in energy?

Was it just me or did you feel the shift in energy when we moved from grounded Taurus into Gemini last week. The air sign came in like “whoosh”! on the 21st and I for one have been mentally busy, making to-do lists, networking, socializing, talking non-stop – and basically everything a Gemini is knownContinue reading “Did you feel the shift in energy?”