Full Moon in Pisces

Early Wednesday morning at 1:22 p.m. EST was the official fullest point of this month’s full moon in Pisces. You may have started to feel the energy build on Monday and Tuesday…were you a little more irritable or drained? Have you felt a dreaminess, lethargy, or almost lazy feeling come over you in the pastContinue reading “Full Moon in Pisces”

Astrology Forecast – June 2020

Energy Report for Gemini Season (May 20-June 19) Bring on the air of Gemini!  Did you feel the shift?  The cosmic energy has become more social, lighter, uplifting, and maybe even fun…? Coming out of grounded & practical Taurus season – it’s like flipping a switch- have you noticed how your social circles have becomeContinue reading “Astrology Forecast – June 2020”

Astrology Café – May 2020

Taurus Season (April 19 – May 19) Welcome to some calming Earth energy.  Finally…and just what the Dr. ordered! Taurus the Bull is the earthiest of signs, very grounded, stable, solid, and grounded. Like a rock, Taurus holds everything together, keeps the routine, and holds us together too. This is the time where we willContinue reading “Astrology Café – May 2020”

Astrology Cafe: Energy for April

Live from YouTube: Friday, March 27, 2020 Aries Season (March 19-April 18) Welcome to Fire! Aries is the warrior, the independent one, self -reliant, the initiator, gets stuff done, driven, willing to take risks, a bit of a daredevil, confrontative, direct, forward, pioneering the way, great energy! Mantra is “I am.” We are in EarthContinue reading “Astrology Cafe: Energy for April”

Astrology Cafe LIVE on YouTube

Hello!I want to personally invite you to the first ever online version of Astrology Cafe! This is an event that I host each month to talk about the energy we can expect for the next month. This month we’re talking about April. Just like a weather report, I give you information about the moon cycles,Continue reading “Astrology Cafe LIVE on YouTube”

Imagining Resiliency

Whew…What a week!  How are you doing?  Did you get stocked up on toilet paper and bleach wipes yet? 🙂  If not, don’t worry, the stores will restock soon, and you can get more next week. Really though, what in the heavens is going on?  We are all asking this question and feeling nervous, concerned,Continue reading “Imagining Resiliency”